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Gods vs Aliens



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Draku Azrael is a young and talented peasant , who came from Acra Village and was blessed with a rare magic called Dragon Magic. He then decided to join the Magic Knights, and begin his pursuit in attaining his goal to create equality between social classes, due to his bad experiences with the nobles in his childhood. He would then join the Black Bulls, the worst squad in Clover, to be his preffered squad, which he willingly chose during the end of the exams, due to his interest in working with a short, muscular and magicless guy named Asta, who has the power to nullify magic called Anti-Magic, and his dream is to become the Wizard King, which Draku sees him as the key to achieve his goal and plans to guide him in becoming one. And so, he and his wild and rowdy squad began their journey, in what would become an adventure that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

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