The Devil In Guise Book

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The Devil In Guise


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(WARNING: MATURE CONTENT) Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, A marriage alliance was arrange between a king and a witch to save his kingdom. After the deal was done., the king decided to kill the witch and her family in a cold blood. However, before she died, She laid a curse on the king, a curse that will bring disaster to the entire kingdom. Over time, the curse was thought to have been forgotten until the time of the prophecy, a warring time like no other, kick-started, ushering in the birth of a new age. The devil had come to earth in guise of man and disaster… STRUCK! ***** He, Sargon was an emperor, rumoured to be the devil in disguise of a man with his reign bringing nothing but terror and violence to the people. Ariadne…After the death of her parents, was taken to the castle to work as a slave girl. At the age of twenty she was forced to replace the princess in order to marry the Emperor. Through certain events, a fated encounter occurred and a love sprang forth. Now, Sargon and Ariadne faces an impossible battle one of toils, betrayal and disappointments. Will their love survive the trials brought their way by their enemies to keep them apart forever or would they fight strong for the love they had come to cherish? ************ THIS WORK IS PURELY FICTIONAL AND AN ORIGINAL! Cover not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Discord server: Instagram: Author_ella Discord: Ella_Dominic#9871