Everyone Is A Lord: My Talent Is A Little Too Strong

Author: Morning Breeze Arrives
Video Games
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What is Everyone Is A Lord: My Talent Is A Little Too Strong

Read Everyone Is A Lord: My Talent Is A Little Too Strong novel written by the author Morning Breeze Arrives on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering egoist, invincible, survivalgame, feelgood. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


1 billion people from the Earth woke up and discovered that they had transmigrated to an alternate world. They possessed their own land and had become lords. They had to struggle to survive in a foreign world by attacking other cities and conquering new lands. Leo Ray received the God Tier talent [Golden Touch]. He could turn stone into gold and upgrade items. [Congratulations! Your Rank One Recruitment Tag has been upgraded to Rank Five Recruitment Tag.] [Congratulations! Your Rank Two Weapon: Crescent Moon Blade has been duplicated 101 times.] [Congratulations! Your Rank Three Weapon: Great Land Two-handed Sword has been upgraded to Rank Five Weapon: Dragon Slayer Sword.] … [Congratulations! You have become the world’s first Lord with a Level Two Mansion.] [Congratulations! You have become the world’s first Lord to completely kill off a boss.] [Congratulations! You have become the world’s first Lord to conquer a city.] … While others were still working hard to gather resources, Leo Ray monopolized the market and made everyone work for him. While others were still toiling away at establishing their villages, Leo Ray’s grand city had already been built. While others were still risking their lives to withstand the attacks of the surrounding monsters with villagers, Leo Ray had already amassed an army and was conquering cities and lands.

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