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Erased Existence


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What is Erased Existence

Read Erased Existence novel written by the author OpmJc on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, system, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A place where no humans should visit. A place where no humans should enter...   "Dungeons. " The place where despair and sufferings are located, thus where madness and chaos resides. Whereupon loathsome and disgusting creatures multiply and hide.  It was no place worth to step-foot and sightseeing. And yet; Rein was forced to enter that nasty and dreadful place. A normal first-year college student named Rein Crawford, was summoned to another world with his classmates, and the other students from another universities.  Their purpose is to stop the dungeons from appearing and spreading. In short. Their purpose is to stop, and destroy the source of chaos lurking around the continent. But what if you are the chaos itself? That there is something in your whole years of existence that you didn't know, and haven't even had the slightest chance to hear about? [Erased Existence]


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Ahh hello~~ Moshi-moshi author-nim here!! — just kidding I ain't an Japanese (=.=) I just wanted to say that thanks for “supporting and reading” this novel, at least I still have a remaining motivational excuse to work on this novel. Oh also I almost forgot. Update is on every [Sunday]. Sorry because I changed it; that's the only day that I ain't busy. Don't worry it won't just be one-chaps, probably two or more— I think. Tehee!! (=.=)


Fabulous plot and fantastic story. i am awed by the versatility of the story. it is definitely different from your usual iskeaie'd protagonist who aim to be a hero. It is a must read story.


Amazing work got me hooked...love Rein and his sacrifices he made for his mother..must read...it directly strikes ur heart... do give it a try..


Intriguing book... I really loved the flow and the start of the book was touching as well. Another book for isekai fans to devour. Good work Author!


I was hooked by the first page and it kept me on the edge of my seat😬😭😭😭 I adored this book! Just could not put it down. Still reading it!


Interesting story. The first chapter got me hooked. Definitely is a good start. The plot is unique, story and dialogues flows naturally. Good job! Keep on writing!


An interesting twist to the Isekai genre that refreshingly avoids certain cliches and tropes. It does have a similar pattern to the newer edgy Isekai where the MC is ostracized by his classmates as a weakling before getting stronger but cleverly avoids the traps regarding this trope by actually spending time fleshing out the characters and the storyline. Bits of mystery, such as his father or the inner self of Rein who claims to be his darkness despite appearing as light, also keeps the reader entertained. My only gripe about this novel is the large amount of grammatical errors. Maybe it's cause I'm an author myself, or that I love English, but I can't keep reading the novel without pausing to correct grammatical errors (sincere apologies author, I left so many corrections as paragraph sentences) and I choose to reflect this in my review score. As an author myself, the best proof reader is Grammarly, an app and program that can detect grammar errors and suggest corrections and I would highly recommend the author to use it.


Such a well written novel that I enjoyed a lot! It really makes you feel and sympathize for the main character. Great work, looking forward to reading more!


Okay so, lemme give an honest review. Let's get to the good sides first. The synopsis itself was wayyyy interesting and it indeed got everybody's attention. The starting chapters are real heavy that you could literally feel the presence of the characters' emotions there as I read it. The word choice is great and I can imagine the events and enjoy the reading experience. And as what the others said, this is not a typical fantasy story one can read. Although I just noticed some flaws in terms of grammar (but it's okay we improve by practicing a lot and I also have grammar issues as well), proper punctuation, sentence structures and capitalization (if you're using a mobile phone while writing a novel, it's highly understandable because you know, those auto-correct and auto caps stuff). I suggest you use thesaurus to at least expand your vocabulary as well, legit it helps me a lot and I hope it will help you too. All in all, I find it really interesting to read and I hope to see more of your works. Don't give up on writing, just keep on expressing yourself! I highly suggest you read others' works as well because it'll be a big contribution to your writing journey. Congrats on your book, and good luck!


Nice work Author-san...loved Rein and the sacrifices he made for his mother... You really know to pull the emotional strings of your readers... It directly attacks right in the heart... Keep up the good work.


Nice plot with a smooth flowing story. The world building is good too. A fresh and a refreshing novel in the dungeon category. KEEP updating more.


Nice plot brother. Hope you continue your work. I'll be supporting you here. A piece of advise, never give up ok! I'll be waiting for the updates


I love the plot, it grabs my attention. Nothing much to criticize about since there are only a few grammar mistakes and can be easily fixed through proofreading. the characters were described vividly and so I was able to imagine how they'd look like in a few paragraphs or so. Well, the world-building is great, I can say. I find everything intriguing. Also, the dialogues seem normal, not forced or weird which is great if you'd ask me.


Pretty good overall. Writing quality was decent. Author has improved over course of story. Good premise, interesting storyline. Keep writing!


Amazing! Such a great find! The writing and description is superb and the story has a lot of potential. There is a lot of emotion in some parts and it is easy to engross yourself in the story


An enjoyable series and I want to see more of it. The writing itself is very good and deserves praise itself, the plot seems interesting and very exciting so good work author and keep it up


Great story. The plot is original, well written and is intriguing. The synopsis is enough to make the readers want to read this book. Recommend it for sure. All the best!


It's really a very good story so far. The plot was interesting and I was hooked from the intro. This story sure has some potential and I'll recommend it for sure. Just give it a try. Keep up the good work author!!


Reveal spoiler


The book is definitely a budding gem. It has that spunk of action and quirky characters. Great job thus far dear author. Goodluck to you and this book.


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