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Erased Existence


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A place where no humans should visit. A place where no humans should enter...   "Dungeons. " The place where despair and sufferings are located, thus where madness and chaos resides. Whereupon loathsome and disgusting creatures multiply and hide.  It was no place worth to step-foot and sightseeing. And yet; Rein was forced to enter that nasty and dreadful place. A normal first-year college student named Rein Crawford, was summoned to another world with his classmates, and the other students from another universities.  Their purpose is to stop the dungeons from appearing and spreading. In short. Their purpose is to stop, and destroy the source of chaos lurking around the continent. But what if you are the chaos itself? That there is something in your whole years of existence that you didn't know, and haven't even had the slightest chance to hear about? [Erased Existence]


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