30 Vehicle Acquisition

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Luo Yuan didn't care about how Huang Jiahui looked at him as he was immersed in the changes. He held his fist and they could hear the bone cracking sound. He felt energetic and powerful, and his muscles were super active. He realized that his body had become lighter, and he believed he could act faster now than what he had imagined.

That’s right! One must have all properties to excel or he or she won’t be able to go far while only focusing on improving a specific skill.

“Xiao Luo, are you alright?” Huang Jiahui asked Luo Yuan, feeling strange.

“I’m fine. I just wanted to say I’ve never felt so good before,” Luo Yuan replied while he tried to hide his excitement. He didn't rush to assign the other five technique points to his knife skill. He was already confident in fighting the green bugs after upgrading his energy.

Besides that, it was easier to upgrade the skill while its level was low. He planned to practice more with his knife to upgrade its skill since it was still quite low and only assign the points to when it reached Level 15. He couldn't wait to see the changes when his knife skill reached Level 20.

“Sister Huang, could you please ask them to come down? I’ll stay here to check whether there are any more bugs left,” Luo Yuan said.

“Alright!” Huang Jiahui replied. She was confident she could kill the bugs after the battle earlier. She checked on her gun and refilled it with a few bullets, then walked to the third floor.

After she left, Luo Yuan took a deep breath and ran forward. His face vibrated while he ran and at his surroundings were moving backward. He took only a few seconds to reach the end of the corridor.

He gasped and looked back, he’d ran about 50 meters. Based on the trial run just now, he assumed it would take about 8 seconds for him to finish 100 meters and that is what he was supposed to achieve with 12 points in dexterity. However, he did realize that it consumed a lot of energy. He was already gasping for air even though he’d only ran for such a short distance.

It seemed like the 11 points of energy wasn't enough to support his activities. It was like an upgraded device without sufficient power supply; it couldn't sustain for long.

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal for now as most of the battles only lasted for a few seconds. It wasn’t like a combat competition which required the players to fight for a long period of time or compete in several rounds. Luo Yuan was using a knife which could cause severe injuries or kill immediately. It wasn’t similar to the ancient battles which could last for a few days or months.

There was a broken window at the end of the corridor, and when he looked through it, he saw many bugs flying above in the sky which made him feel disgusted. However, it was better compared to the arrival of a big bunch of bugs earlier. But for some reason he didn't think it was a good sign as the green bugs might have landed in the city center.

A while later, Cao Qianqian and Zhao Tianming came along and were stunned when they saw the scene.

“Ning Ning!”

Huang Jiahui dialed her phone. Someone picked up the call very fast and Huang Jiahui shouted, “Ning Ning! Are you alright? It’s okay, don’t be afraid. Good girl, don’t open the door. Mommy is coming back.” She put down her phone and cried.

The rest also tried to contact their family. Other than Cao Qianqian calling her parents, Zhao Tianming and Zhan Yun didn't manage to reach their families. Zhang Yun was very depressed, she squatted down and cried.

Luo Yuan looked at them, saddened. He then turned around and asked Huang Jiahui, “Is your daughter alright?”

Huang Jiahui shook her head and said, “The bugs are banging on the door now, and she is frightened. I need to go home now!”

“You want to kill yourself?” Luo Yuan asked. He then looked out through the window again and said, “Fine, I’ll go with you.”

He definitely wouldn't take the risk if he hadn't upgraded. After all, he wasn't a savior or superman. He could only help within the limits of his power and skills. If the mission was too dangerous and overwhelming, he couldn't and wouldn't try to finish it. However, he was more powerful now and three or four bugs could be considered manageable to him.

Huang Jiahui looked at Luo Yuan and said, “Xiao Luo, I really don’t know what I can do in return for you. But I’m truly touched by you offering your hands, but I can’t let you take the risk.”

“There’s no public transport now, or are you planning to walk home? Let’s use my car,” Luo Yuan said.

Huang Jiahui was so touched to the point where she couldn't speak a single word and just sobbed.

"Brother Luo, could you bring me along?” Cao Qianqian asked carefully while looking at Luo Yuan.

"You can tag along if your house is in the same direction as hers. Where do you stay?" Luo Yuan said with hesitation.

"Yuehu Garden, near Qingteng Road,” Cao Qianqian replied nervously.

Yuehu Garden was actually quite near to Jingyue district where Luo Yuan used to stay, but it wasn't in the same direction and he needed to drive another three to four kilometers. He sighed. Might as well bring her along then. "Alright, you can come with us then." Luo Yuan said.

"Thank you so much!" Cao Qianqian exclaimed, shedding tears of joy.

Zhao Tianming and Zhang Yun didn't say anything as they both thought it was safer to wait for rescue inside the building rather than taking the risk to escape.

"Both of you take care, we need to leave first," Luo Yuan said to the other two people.

"You too," Zhao Tianming said with slight sympathy but it was gone very soon. Zhang Yun tried to persuade Cao Qianqian but she insisted on leaving.

Luo Yuan smiled but didn't say anything. Everyone had to take full responsibility of their decisions, so did she. No one knew what was going to happen next .

The three of them left the building, passing through the first floor full of blood and broken limbs. Apparently, many hadn't managed to escape and Luo Yuan had to kill another four green bugs before walking out through the broken glass door.

There were a few bugs lying on the ground at the plaza square, but they didn't move even when they saw Luo Yuan and the two women walking toward them. Obviously, they were too full after the feast and couldn't attack anymore. Luo Yuan looked at them and quickly walked to his car.

The windows were broken. Luo Yuan opened the door of his car and swept away the broken glass, then got into the driver’s seat. He started the engine and drove toward the main entrance like a shot arrow once the two women got into the car.

A few bugs were shocked and flew up to the sky but then soon landed on the ground again.

Donghu city had become a horrible place where broken glass was all over the streets, reflecting the sun’s light. The street was empty but for a few bugs still eating some dead bodies at the roadside. Blood was dripping down from their mouths while they chewed.

The trio could hear some screaming from afar, as well as gunfire. It didn't sound like a handgun, though, but the rifles from the army. That meant the army had already begun to attack the bugs. Luo Yuan's car disturbed many of the insects and they flew towards the car to attack them.

Unfortunately, most of them were killed by the car as well as Huang Jiahui’s gun. The car engine sound also attracted the attention of some survivors nearby. They looked from behind the shattered windows, asking for help. Unfortunately, Luo Yuan could only protect himself and try to ignore them as he couldn't manage to save everyone. The car was driven away and the survivors hopelessly scolded and cursed them.

Huang Jiahui checked her handgun and her pocket. Stunned, she said, “Damn it. There are only two bullets left.”

Luo Yuan was worried as he knew the journey wouldn't be smooth without her shooting skills. “Use it wisely then. Don’t fire if it isn't necessary,” he said.

“What if the bugs come over?” Huang Jiahui asked anxiously.

“Leave it to me then,” Luo Yuan replied. Although it would be a bit inconvenient to get in and out of the car, but at least Huang Jiahui could help him during a critical time if necessary.

A few bullets flew from behind and penetrated the wall of a building, causing some cement to drop on Luo Yuan’s car. He immediately stepped on the brake.

“Is it a soldier from the army force?” Huang Jiahui asked, looking back.

A soldier ran toward them with a rifle and said seriously, “Get out of the car!”

“Why? This is our car.” Huang Jiahui asked, upset.

"This is a special military order, I hope you can compromise!" the soldier said coldly with a rifle in his hand.

Luo Yuan turned around and saw there were seven to eight soldiers more behind. A few of them were lying on the floor with a lot of blood on their bodies. Apparently, they needed a car to send these victims to the hospital. Luo Yuan would have agreed to lend them the car if they had asked nicely. However, he was mad now that the soldier used the attitude of a robber.

Luo Yuan opened the door and walked toward the soldier with his knife and said, "I never heard about the special military order and I don't want to hear it now. This is my car, so why would I give it to you?"

The soldier was stunned and mad at the same time as he had never seen anyone who dared to disobey a military order.

"What's happening?" a tan guy who was the Second Lieutenant Officer asked angrily after rushing over to see what was happenig. “How could you not know our buddies are in danger?” he scolded the soldier.

“I’m sorry, Sir. They didn't agree to give the car,” the soldier explained.

“Why? We are fighting with the bugs to protect the citizens. Our soldiers are injured and we can’t even use their car?” the officer said, turning around and staring at Luo Yuan.

“Your soldiers are not the only people who are injured. There are many people who get injured and even die every single second in this city. Have you thought about our lives when you rob our car?”

The officer smiled evilly and said, "So that means you want to disobey my order right? You should know this is war time!"

"Are you threatening me? Do you know that you will be dead if you dare to touch your rifle?" Luo Yuan was mad and threatened the officer.

Luo Yuan wasn't an ordinary person who allowed other people to mistreat him, and he definitely wouldn't mind doing something crazy if he really got offended.

"Then you'll be shot by multiple bullets as well." The officer bit his teeth and raised his chin; he looked ugly. He didn't dare to simply move as he felt Luo Yuan was too calm. Usually, a normal citizen would have already lost their mind after seeing the soldiers, but for some reason he didn't see a similar reaction in Luo Yuan. He also thought that the only people who would still travel on the road with two women at this moment were either lunatics or a great men.

“Are you an evolution product?” the officer asked with hesitation.

Luo Yuan smiled but didn't answer his question. Both parties wanted something from each other but they were worried to screw up the deal. Luo Yuan then looked at the rifles and bullets, he suddenly said, “I have an idea, but I’m not sure you want to listen.” He didn't wait for the permission from the officer and continued, “Well, if you want the car, then trade it with the rifles and bullets.”

“You’re not part of the army, this is breaking the law!” the officer said with hesitation once more.

"Oh well, I think that kind of law belongs to the past, not now! A normal citizen could only wait to die if he didn't have any weapons. From what I see, your soldiers are going to die soon, but you're still wasting their time here. Come on! This is a fair deal, we need a way to protect ourselves if we don't have a car!" Luo Yuan said.

"Fine!" the officer finally agreed after a period of hesitation.

"Sir!" the soldier beside him shouted and stared at Luo Yuan.

"That's enough. Go get him a rifle and 300 bullets. This is an order!" the officer commanded.

"Yes, sir!" the soldier shouted out and ran toward the other soldiers in a mad dash

A moment later, the soldier returned. The officer took the rifle and a bag of bullets and then passed it to Luo Yuan. He then whispered, “I hope you use it properly.”

“Thanks for your reminder,” Luo Yuan said. He then smiled and continued to say, “By the way, I hope you don’t do something which will cause misunderstanding.” He saw a green bug crawling over from the street and immediately shook and disappeared. Two soldiers were shocked and raised their rifles to look for Luo Yuan.

When they found him, the bug was already in two pieces. Luo Yuan shook the blade to clean off the greenish liquid. He then looked at the two soldiers who were aiming their rifles at him and walked toward them. “Just an easy job. I hope your rifle is safe to use,” he said.

Luo Yuan walked to the car and asked Huang Jiahui and Cao Qianqian to leave the car with their belongings. He then left the scene together with them.

“F*ck! He is too much!" Both of the soldiers put down their rifles and spat when they saw Luo Yuan disappeared from their vision.

"Sir, are we really going to let them go?" the soldier asked angrily.

"What would we do if we arrested him? Hurry up, and send everyone to the military hospital. Hopefully, we can still save some of them."

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