46 Reading Minds Feels Strange


<Universal Origin Records>

[Name: [Chaos]

[Race: [High Vampire Dragon Chimera]

[Existence Realm: [Pseudo Demi-Deity: 3/9 (Middle Stage)]

[Blood Core Rank: [Level VI: High Dragon Vampire (Middle Stage)]

[Dragon Heart Rank: [Level VI: Adult Blood Dragon (Middle Stage)]

[Bloodline: [Mixed Vampire Dragon Bloodline (Crimson-red)]

[Faction: [Primordial Evil: Galaxy's Calamity (Forced Faction Due to Curse)]

[Vitality: [182.000/182.000]

[Mana: [201.620.341/201.620.341]

[Strength: [72.500]

[Agility: [66.600]

[Stamina: [62.300]

[Magic: [84.500]


[Unique Skill: Chaos Born]

[Unique Skill: Unique Existence: Vampire Dragon]

[Unique Skill: All-Consumption]

[Dark Vision: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Immortal Body: Level 4] (Level Up!)

[Supernatural Strength: Level 4] (Level Up!)

[Vampirism: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Bloodwork: Level 4] (Level Up!)

[Dragon Breath: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Dragon Scales: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Vampire Dragon Transformation: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Venom Secretion (Claws, Tail, Fangs): Level 3] (Level Up!)

[Stupefying Charm: Level 3] (Level Up!)

[Golden Rule: Level 1] (New!)

[Hypersensitivity: Level 1] (New!)

As Chaos checked his stats and was amused over his progress, he quickly decided to walk outside of his room.

Now that he was done evolving, he had some things to do, which he had been thinking about for a while.

He wanted to use the corpses he had gathered to summon some new servants through the summoning artifact.

And he also wanted to talk with Natalia and the other slaves, and ask them a lot about the outside world and the galaxy, which they might have explored… or not.

And he also wanted to evolve the Orcs and quite possibly Natalia and the other former slaves as well and see what might come out of them, perhaps they could grow stronger or develop new abilities.

And lastly, he wanted to go back to the dungeon and find more food and shiny stuff to start his hoard of treasures so he can get the most out of Golden Rule.

So, he decided to do the simplest thing now, moving into the place where Natalia and the former slaves were, which had finished their tour across the castle and were now gathered in the dusty and spiderweb-filled dining room.

Because no monsters ate in here, it was left abandoned for some time, but now that there was a lot of people with stomachs with the Orcs and these new people, it was beginning to get cleansed, and the kitchen had also begun to be used by Abyss clones, who were often cooking all day for all the people.

There were also some old Orcs helping her, who were experienced at cooking some Orc's preparations, and both shared recipes.

Chaos took a peek inside the room while hiding beneath the wall of the entrance, as he counted how many new people there were…

There were around 23 new people counting Natalia, it seemed that the Mindflayer had stock for a long time, although he wondered why it was flying so low if it had a spaceship that could cross outer space.

Perhaps it had come to buy the slaves and now it was leaving through a less occupied sky route? It was possible, as the island where Chaos was used to be the territory of the deadly Elder Lich Ainz, so not many people crossed around here, especially because Chaos had heard that his father liked to shoot down spaceships that crossed his territory skies with magic cannons, converting the people he killed into undead and stealing whatever they had… Yeah, he was quite the ruthless and evil character! Although Chaos had no such concepts, so he found him cool, which only made his admiration for his father grow.

Seeing how this route might not have any other organizations around, the Mindflayer might have tried to come through here before reaching outer space… After all, in this lawless world, your spaceship might get shot down and stolen by space pirates at any moment. Although Chaos didn't know this information.

"Lord Chaos?"

Suddenly, an Orc found Chaos peeking into the people as if he were timid to speak to them, startling him.

However, as he was expressionless, being startled didn't change his expression nor made him show any type of surprise in his body movements.

"Oh… I was just looking. I am going inside right now," said Chaos nonchalantly, weirding out the young Orc boy who raised his left eyebrow…

"My Lord is sure strange…" the boy thought, making sure to not voice out his thoughts because the entity that was his lord easily slaughtered his tribe's strongest warriors like nothing.

However, Chaos had now Psionic powers which could even read the minds of weaker beings than him, and he easily heard such opinions.

"What is strange?" he asked the boy.

"AH! D-Did you heard my thoughts, my lord?!" cried the Orc kid, kneeling before Chaos.

"Those were your thoughts? Yes, I heard them… Hmm, it must be because I have Psionic Powers now, after eating a Mindflayer and all… Why are you kneeling?" asked Chaos.

"I-I am sorry! I didn't mean to think that!"

Chaos kept hearing his thoughts, however, which were all about "I don't want to die, I was so stupid, please don't kill me!", which only weirded him out a bit.

He quickly found that sneaking into other people's minds seemed a bit rude, as he wouldn't really want that to happen to him. He often had very weird thoughts, and he would feel rather embarrassed if someone were to hear them.

He quickly suppressed his Psionic Aura which was passively giving him several types of Psionic Technique effects at once, and he managed to turn off his Mind Reading Technique.

"I see, I didn't mean to read your mind, I won't do it unless it is necessary. Now, can you tell me what is "Strange"? Like something odd?" asked Chaos innocently.

"Eh? Ah… W-Well, it is when someone is out of the ordinary, my lord," said the young Orc.

"I see… So I am out of the ordinary? Is that something to feel good or bad about?" asked Chaos.

"It is… something amazing, my lord. You are very strong," said the Orc, praising Chaos.

"Oh, I see. Thanks for your compliment," said Chaos, walking away.

The young Orc gasped for air as if his life were pending on a thread this whole time… Although Chaos didn't even have considered doing any harm to him…


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