45 Evolving and New Abilities



[You choose the [High Vampire Dragon Chimera] evolution option!]

Flash! Suddenly, Chaos was covered by blood, creating a cocoon that began to change his entire body! His entire body started to mutate and change…

He felt as if his body was melting and regenerating all at the same time, even his soul felt a partial discomfort. His bones were rearranging themselves, and so all of his internal structure, to be reborn anew and even greater, to achieve the "High" on his race name!

Chaos began to shapeshift, as he was reborn anew!

The entire cocoon was quickly shattered into pieces, resembling red crystal, which quickly dissipated into particles of mana.

Chaos opened his eyes, as he jumped off the bed with great vitality and healthiness.


[You have evolved into a [High Vampire Dragon Chimera]!]

[All your stats have increased!]

[Your [Blood Core Rank: [Level V: Dragon Vampire (Peak Stage)] has evolved into [Level VI: High Dragon Vampire (Middle Stage)]!]

[Your [Dragon Heart Rank: [Level V: Developing Adult Blood Dragon (Peak Stage)] has evolved into [Level VI: Adult Blood Dragon (Middle Stage)]!]

[Your [Existence Realm: [Pseudo Demi-Deity: 2/9 (Peak Stage)] has raked up to [Pseudo Demi-Deity: 3/9 (Middle Stage)]!]

[All your stats have increased!]

[You learned the [Golden Rule: Level 1] and [Hypersensitivity: Level 1] Abilities!]

Seeing how all of his Realms increased, Chaos found that he also got two new Abilities!

And they had weird names coming from the Vampire and the Dragon Skill Trees…

Well, maybe they were rare, as it was random abilities.

[Golden Rule: Level 1]

An Ability from the Gold Dragon Skill Tree.

You possess power over gold and ore materials to an extent, giving you the ability to shape them and control them. Additionally, the more gold and riches you accumulate within your lair, the stronger your greed will grow, and so your power while being near your treasury. Enhances all your stats the more treasures you hold and stockpile.

"Don't let anyone get close to your treasure!" -Elder Gold Dragon Oro.

[Hypersensitivity: Level 1]

An Ability from the Vampire Lycan Skill Tree.

Your senses and sensitivity over your surroundings are outstanding, giving you the power of hypersensitivity, being capable of sensing everything within a certain radius around you unless they are using some strange methods above your own realm. All your five senses are enhanced by 10% with each level, and you can develop your six senses as well.

"Don't get near me, I am hypersensitive to your horrid stench." -Vampire Lycan Gustavo.

Indeed, they were very weird Abilities!

"I would have thought that I could get a new breath attack or something, but I got this instead… Well, they are not bad," thought Chaos, rubbing his chin.

Golden Rule seemed to incentivize Chaos to gather riches and anything like that, so he might as well begin looking for shiny stuff to collect.

Additionally, the Hypersensitivity was a great Skill, as it enhanced his senses, and he could be even more alert to any foe getting a sneak attack or something on him.

After that, Chaos decided to check his own stats and see how much he has progressed.

<Universal Origin Records>

[Name: [Chaos]

[Race: [High Vampire Dragon Chimera]

[Existence Realm: [Pseudo Demi-Deity: 3/9 (Middle Stage)]

[Blood Core Rank: [Level VI: High Dragon Vampire (Middle Stage)]

[Dragon Heart Rank: [Level VI: Adult Blood Dragon (Middle Stage)]

[Bloodline: [Mixed Vampire Dragon Bloodline (Crimson-red)]

[Faction: [Primordial Evil: Galaxy's Calamity (Forced Faction Due to Curse)]

[Vitality: [182.000/182.000]

[Mana: [201.620.341/201.620.341]

[Strength: [72.500]

[Agility: [66.600]

[Stamina: [62.300]

[Magic: [84.500]


[Unique Skill: Chaos Born]

[Unique Skill: Unique Existence: Vampire Dragon]

[Unique Skill: All-Consumption]

[Dark Vision: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Immortal Body: Level 4] (Level Up!)

[Supernatural Strength: Level 4] (Level Up!)

[Vampirism: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Bloodwork: Level 4] (Level Up!)

[Dragon Breath: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Dragon Scales: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Vampire Dragon Transformation: Level 5] (Level Up!)

[Venom Secretion (Claws, Tail, Fangs): Level 3] (Level Up!)

[Stupefying Charm: Level 3] (Level Up!)

[Golden Rule: Level 1] (New!)

[Hypersensitivity: Level 1] (New!)

Chaos noticed a substantial increase in his stats! His Vitality was soon to reach 200k, and his Mana was now… 200 Million! All of his other stats had also increased, and it was getting closer and closer to 100k!

According to what he had investigated, usually, being around his realm would have 50k to all their stats on average, including mana and vitality, so Chaos seemed rather good, especially over his super cheat high Mana quantity, which helped him do all sorts of insane stuff.

He also had three Unique Skills, all of them being amazing in what they could do as well, Chaos was perhaps above the average on his Realm… However, being reminded of the fight against the Blazing Fire Dragon makes him realize he needs to refine this strength…

It doesn't mean that because he's strong, he cannot be defeated. He requires to use this power and train it, to understand it, and to use it better! This is his biggest weakness as of now, the one that the Blazing Fire Dragon was capable of abusing to give him a hard time.

He needed to forge his will in battle, and learn real-time battle experience as much as he could!

This is why the Boundless Abyss was the best training ground for him, if there could be more beings like the Blazing Fire Dragon there, then he was expectant to battle them and test his strength, he needed to learn, and quick!

If Chaos didn't want to die a miserable death against the Heralds of Light, he needed to prepare and train as much as he could…

However, there were also many things he wanted to do, and many things he wanted to experience.

Honestly, Chaos, despite looking relaxed and expressionless, was already stressed out due to all the things he needed to do.

But he still felt rather happy over this life, even with all of its disadvantages, being free to do as he please is the greatest gift for someone who spent his entire life caged in a laboratory…

For now, Chaos decided to walk outside his room and go meet Natalia and the other former slaves, he wanted to get as much info from the outside world as he could.


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