ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons.
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ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons.


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What is ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons.

ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons. is a popular web novel written by the author MisterE05, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, DEMONS, POWERS, CULTIVATION, ROMANCE, WAR, MUTATION, R-18, LEVELS, PREHISTORIC CREATURES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 4.49/5 and 27 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 517 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Fire... beautiful isn't it? It can burn, destroy, breach, but what if it's superiorly charged? Bestowed upon a human being at a rate that's incomparable even against the toughest Fire Blasters of history? Young Eric has been blessed with such ability, he has been blessed with the title of an Electus! Which apart from Fire, brings 7 more powers, making him one of a kind. Perfect timing, as Demons from another dimension are flocking the sea and land, looking to shred the world, aiming to destroy all 13 continents. Yet there is hope! Black Fire, yes... that's the cure. It can dismantle portals, ultimately slowing down the invasions. But to generate such Fire it demands for Eric to reach a level that's seen as impossible, even for an Electus! He has to become a level 7 Fire Blaster! That's the only solution, that's the goal the Electus' group will chase. These "peaceful demons" have to be banished back to the satanic dimension they call home. Will Eric be able to do it though? This journey has been bestowed to him as if from the holy, although he's just a 15 year old boy! _______________________________________________________ Side note, spoiler! Eric is a sweet, loving boy by nature, hero by heart. And the main thing that will be building his character development are the Inner Demons that strike an Electus once unlocking a new power. These Inner Demons aim to change the young boy for the worst and can even make him go crazy just by altering how he comprehends reality. Join Eric's Journey towards mental peace as well as world peace. _______________________________________________________ Novel's discord server including maps and city budgets: https://discord.gg/35mTmwA

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Author's honest review! This novel, isn't the best. Each aspect of it demands work and be sure that I'm giving it my all to meet the requirements. The first volume for example, has undergone the most work and yet it needs more. Furthermore, the rest of the volumes carry different characteristics which shed light to proper world building, characters and problems that we can give the label of, different. The beginning can admittedly be a drag, but it gets better every chapter at a time, volume 4 breaks the normal with a plot that I am certain no one had ever used before. But now we can put a lot of value to volume 9, whom carries heavy scenes itself and a lot of experiments I have been making with plots. I'm putting everything gathered up through my 1 million word career as an author, to assure that volume 9 is my best one yet and rest assured that the 10th will be even better. Furthermore I'd like to state that this novel is the root of an entire franchise, the goal is to make 30 prequels out of it, which is a goal that isn't hard to tackle but requires one thing, time. As for repetitive content, you don't have to fear it. Be it on a preqeul or on this novel, the goal is something new for every volume. I'm concerned about your time and money as much as you are, after all, I don't want to rob anyone blind. So if you can look over the odd ends of this novel, you will be blessed with the opportunity of finding something new. Thank you for making it all the way down here, - MisterE05


FLIPPING LOVE THIS BOOK AND THE WAY YOU WRITE. It doesn't even look like a fiction world because of how well you explained everything in it.


Review Swap Valid For Chapter 30 Writing Quality: The writing quality for this actually isn't bad. There's still a lot that can be improved on, but it's readable and flows. Just a few suggestions. • Chapter 1: - Deep down --> remove the - • Chapter 3: all the remaining wolves were on fire (literally) --> I don't think you need the bracket 🤔 You could phrase it differently like -- "The remaining wolves were literally on fire." Make it part of the sentence rather than separate it. A few grammatical errors,---> h--how did you survive. I thought you would be dead by now" --->change to (")H-how did you survive, I thought you would be dead by now(.)" • Capital letters when you start a new sentence and use words like "I" should always be in capital. • Try to avoid using random brackets in your sentences. • When a character is shouting don't capitalize your letters. You can use actions to emphasis yelling like --> using words like shouted, exclaimed loudly etc. In chapter 4 you already used the word shouted so there's no need to capitalize the word what. • When you write a character "replies with" make sure you join the sentences together, eg, chapter 7- Mogranius replies with, "We are not sure.." (No need for space, just use a coma) With these grammatical errors you could easily use Grammarly or other writing programs to fix up your punctuation. One last thing, is this story written in past or present tense? It's hard to tell when you use a mixture of both tenses. Character Development:🤔🤔 I think the character development needs improving. The only one we get a solid introduction for is Eric the MC. The other characters just appear without much explanation (adding a small introduction for them could help). We do get some insight into Mogranius character but not the father of the MC. 🤔 He just appears. If you didn't write "father" I wouldn't know who this guy was. Story Development: There's a solid plotline, the author knows exactly what they are doing and there's no parts in the story that sound like filler content. Everything flows well. World Background: The world background is very well done. One of the stories strongest points. It's not packed into one chapter but explained gradually during different stages in the story. The opening provides a picture of the setting, the conditions the MC lives in and the world they live in. Overall; My first time reviewing this type of story, but it's very interesting. May keep it in my library 😊 The author can work on their grammar, characters more. But the story and world background are very stable, each chapter gets more and more interesting.


OMG!!!! This story is so great. Welldone Author, kudos to you...i love this so much, I can’t wait to read more...I get so excited when new chapter drops😌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Hello, author. After seeing your novel’s almost 500 chapters but it’s still got this undeserved feedback from readers. So, I’m here to suggest you a way to shine on this Webnovel. That is, you need to re-upload the novel again as a new one with a slightly different name tho. In addition, you may do a high frequency of uploading, such as, uploading 21 chapters per week or something like that. I think it may attract more readers to your masterpiece this way. Anyway, well done, your novel is a gem.


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I enjoyed this story! A lot was going on and it had a very hyper feeling to it, which made reading it even better. Hopefully the author willwrite more in the future!


It.... has sentimental values. Author has made different relationships between the characters, you will see big tough heroes here but also loving hearts, different ways of expression and not to forget, a different kind of romance. However, the plot can be confusing sometimes, maybe Author can fix? Anyway, 4/5 star recommend for anyone who loves heroes. And a 5/5 star recommend if you want different characters.


CRAZYYY! I'm in Volume 2 right now and I can say that it's crazy, in the good way. Author has to fix the characters though, they feel blank. But the plot is crazy, I love it.


A must read! I got here from chapter 490, and let me tell you, what's close by is just... different. I tend to over analyse things and I can see that the Author has put in effort into making the most different demons and plots I've ever read. If you want to escape cliche, this is a read for you.


The story starts out rough.... I'd give it a 2 star if I didn't read deeper but let me tell you, the story gets better. Author has some serious issues to fix in the beginning, but Volume 4 has one of the best plots I've read. Totally recommend it, would rate 5 stars if it didn't have grammar problems. Author please fix those and I'll rate 5 stars.


I like how the novel starts off with a lot of action! As an English teacher, I have some advice if you don't mind me sharing though: I've noticed that you tend to switch back and forth between present-tense and past-tense very often. This can be distracting when trying to immerse yourself, and it can interrupt the flow when you're trying to form a mental image of what's happening. Likewise, the vast majority of published novels are written entirely in past-tense, as past-tense words have stronger undertones in the reader's mind when forming mental images. (The only exception to this past-tense restriction is dialogue.) You can see this from all of the top novels in the power rankings, such as 'My Vampire System' and 'Supreme Magus' - they're written entirely in past-tense, without switching back and forth between present-tense and past-tense, unless it's in dialogue. Very few novels are written in present-tense. To take some examples from the first chapter: "A couple more wolves were taken Victim..." (past-tense) "At this rate, those victimized wolves are lucky if they die quick now." (present-tense) "The battle worked for Woldemir's favour..." (past-tense) "...but it's not over yet!" (present-tense) "Three wolves were taken victim..." (past-tense) "...but five more are still standing..." (present-tense) "Looking behind, he noticed..." (past-tense) "...that Eric is somehow..." (present-tense) Also, I've noticed that you tend to capitalize nouns even though they aren't proper nouns. Like with "encouraging his Horse to run faster" and "A Natural enemy," or "The Wagon behind Woldemir." You don't need to capitalize nouns unless they are name or a part of a title. For me personally, I can't read past one or two chapters without stopping, as it's just too distracting. I do think that fixing these two issues would increase the number of new and dedicated readers, though it would take a lot of work to go through everything. That being said, the writing has a lot of potential, so I'm giving it a 5-star rating anyways.


Author, you need to fix the writing quality. There are a lot of grammar errors which is painful to see. It's sad because the story is really good, I love Mogranius so far so please feature him more, fix the errors Author.


I've read a lot of chapters until now and I want to ststt it off with the plot, it's different. Sometimes it gets confusing, author there are plot holes so look into them plez. The story until now has developed well, author has different imagination and I want to see more. Hope you don't disappoint Mister E.


I read up over chap 100 so I think I can give a good rate....the story is good, the world building is my favour part, Author did Very good job... But the villain at the moment looks damp, kinda cliche...anyway...im still interested to see where this story will went, author has big drive.


Why is update rate slow? Author sez he writes 150k a month!.. that means more chapprs right??? Author i hope u update more, cuz I like this storyyyy.


Plss reply, is this harem (if it is its ok I'll just won't be enjoying it much,or is it 1 girl romance (which is great since theres alot of harem nowadays)?


When i opened this book, i expected a stereotypical man who has to much power and takes over obstacles easily. But here i see the story turning out more like farmboy to hero, and i love it.


Your grammar could definetly use some work. Maybe try a dictionary app or something. i hear they can be useful. Overall great story but you should write more about the characters inner thoughts instead of just them agreeing to each other.


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