dust to dust ashes to ashes this is dropped sigh
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dust to dust ashes to ashes this is dropped sigh


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What is dust to dust ashes to ashes this is dropped sigh

dust to dust ashes to ashes this is dropped sigh is a popular web novel written by the author Lazy_leon, covering CULTIVATION, SYSTEM, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, FANTASY, MAGIC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 223.8K readers with an average rating of 4.69/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 76 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.




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This story has a steady chapter release, with very throughout idea's plots as well, you can tell that the author is trying to take this story somewhere, and he's trying his best, the writing style isn't unique but that doesn't mean its bad either, would love go see how far this novel could go in the future.


Okay, simple synopsis. Your usual eastern fantasy rebirth and cultivation. Some grammatical errors, need to work on your narration. All in all nice story, reborn only to stand at death's door again and to a ****y person's low level cultivation body. For a first writing, you did well. Kip it up.


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From what I have read and its synopsis, I conclude that: 1. This will be a long ride 2. Although the grammar is not perfect, it is good enough 3. The story will be leveling up, gain manual from roulette, fight enemies, travel multiverse (I only read until Chapter 2) 4. As the synopsis said that, there will be a conspiracy, maybe there will be plot twist at the very end, for example, the system was made by powerhouse who want to control multiverse, or the system was a reincarnation of a powerhouse and want to control the host to revive 5. Until chapter 2, the MC gives me an impression that, first, he is not smart mc, second, he is easy-going, third, he is not an experienced MC, fourth, he might be killed for a woman 6. All in all, this is a pretty good novel for people who like mysterious and unpredictable endings while it is not serious all times.


You got your way with words, author! I was already hooked by your synopsis and then as I read through the first chapter, I couldn’t help but laugh several times. This is a really funny and engaging story. The MC seems fun. I can’t wait for him to cultivate his way to the top! Writing wise, though there r some room for improvement, it is already quite nicely written. The plot is intriguing and the world building is described in details. I love how author don’t just dumb the information for the ranking and stuff into one chapter. Author shares a little as the story goes on. In short, this story is worth to bookmark. Keep up the good work, author!


This story has an amazing plot line. I love how the story progress, it makes the reader want to know more about the next happening in the story. This novel possess a lot of potential! Salute to the author.


Good work keeps it up, I have given this novel 5 stars because I really like the way he describes everything. 1234 rock on the dance floor. Damn 140 words required.


Writing Quality -Creative -Unique -The use of uncommon descriptive words is profound Update -I'll rate it five stars cause why not? Story Development -The pace is perfect -Keeps the readers captivated to yearn for more chapters Character Development -The characters are described realistically and vividly. World Background -5 stars for this as well cause why not? -The story is interesting -world background was described vividly. Overall 5 out 5. Both novels published by the author are amazing. Keep it up👍👍👍


Lazy_leon you have caught my attention. This is a really good book. I usually don't read rebirth but can I say that this is amazing. Good work👍


So far, so good. Stories of rebirth are not my usual cup of tea, but anyways it’s a good one. Concept is well-presented. Characters are dynamic as well. However, I do see a bit of rough transitions and grammatical errors (e.g. punctuations). I suggest the author to edit because one may find them a bit distracting. Overall, great job. Keep up the good work.


While staying loyal to a premise that has been executed quite often, the author presents us with a tale that grasps the imagination. Although the storyline is clear and presented in a style that speaks for the author’s passion for writing, I have yet to truly define the protagonist. He feels sympathetic but I fail to imagine him and therefore he does not genuinely grasp my interest. The dialogue could use some work. It feels forced and unnatural rather than genuine, although I realise that the quality increases towards more recent chapters. Overall it is a story that contains a lot of potential, even with the slight imperfections.


Stories about rebirth are really interesting. There's too much to wonder about such theme. The novel started quite simple and the characters and story really developed well.


The synopsis is brief and interesting that you would want to know what is happening. I have read 3 chapters and will come to read more later. The writing quality is good, add a few dialogues even if they are to yourself. Stability of updates is good too as already 34 chapters have been published. Story is developing nicely. The character design and the world background is equally good. All the best.


Great book thanks for writing or translating it 👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍👁👁👍


Hi this is brandon gould the writter of the Tylingariea Epic i am responding to a Review Swap that i sent a while ago here is my review i have read up to the fifth chapter and i enjoyed it, the book is interesting the story is going at a steady pace and the writing is good. i hope to see more of these chapters in the future


Okay! I must say, this book is really 😎 cool. Dear readers where are you'll wandering off to when you've gotten to your destination. Read this, read this read this!


Your story is a bit generic. However there were some fun scenes. The biggest flaw is that you seem to be rushing from one action scene to the next. If the story took place in the modern world, this would be fine. However there is not enough exposition for us to figure out what is going on. Your story is mediocre at best, and unreadable at the very worst.


Interesting! I really like rebirth novels so this piqued my interest. I think there are some slight grammatical errors and a little bit of choppiness on the narration in the beginning, but overall I really like it!


Unique story which is very good. Writing quality is good. Chapter update stability is also good. Well developed characters. Enjoying a lot Keep up the good work, author 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


A shameless review by author Xoxoxoxixixixixixixixxoxoxoxo Xoxoxoxoxoxixoxixixoxoxoxoxxo Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Damn 140 characters requirements Lol


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