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1 Chapter 1: Jumping off a cliff after transmigration

Feng Mei went out with his friend to the party.

They went to a club‚ drank beer and other alcoholic beverages.

"Huff‚ Hahaha! Brothers, I am feeling good today all the drinks of the entire club on me"

He shouted throwing out black credit cards.

"Yeah Hooray woohoo!" shouted the men's at the side

"Wow! what A handsome and generous rich young master!" said the women in the bar

"His body felt heavy due to the amount of alcohol he had dunk down like donuts‚ unaware of the fact that his so-called brother basically friends had been planning his demise since months ago.

Today they finally got a chance and implanted his drinks with a slow working poison that kills without pain. After all he was their friend. How could these hypocrites see their friend in pain?.

They just wanted to silently kill him and go on their separate ways.Since everyone has joined in on this plan none will be caught. Since even a single one won't dare to confess and the police will naturally never suspect an entire group made up of dozen people to be the killer.

"Baby‚ I am waiting for you" his newly made girlfriend send him a text message and attached a sexy selfie of her on the message!

It was late at night when Feng Mei received his girlfriend message.

He decided that he had drunk enough and it was time to go towards his, stranded all alone at night, girlfriends home.

Today is the day his little brother will finally poke the heavens! The carp will leap over the dragon gate, as he will lose his sainthood and become a non-virgin!

"You guys continue on!" saying this he went out the club and started walking towards his girlfriend home, where she was anticipating his return.

He said goodbye to his friend who stood outside the club and in a heavily drunken state went on his way, marching ahead in participation of tonight honeymoon!.

As he was walking on the streets‚ his heart starting pounding heavily‚ feeling dizzy and nauseous‚ he fell down on the cold sturdy ground unconscious.

He felt like his soul was wandering through the starry skies in an ethereal state.

He started to lose all of his feelings and soon he could feel nothing‚ and so he decided to just let go of his last shred of subconscious.

Feng Mei opened his eyes in a confused state and saw himself standing at the edge of a cliff‚ wearing a tattered ancient white robe with silver lining‚ covered in blood.

"1%..50%...100..%...Ethereal system activated! Transferring memories to host".

After Feng Mei heard this a load of memory rushed into his head.

The body he transmigrated into is coincidentally also called Feng Mei and is 15 years old‚ is the descendant of the Feng clan located in the Eastern part of Yan city‚ which is one of the four most powerful clan that occupies Yan city.

This body original soul enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle in Yan city due to his powerful clan and parents who are both high-level energy gathering realm cultivators.

The previous Feng Mei used to spend most of his time‚ drinking wine and chasing skirt. But everyone in Feng clans still dotes upon him‚ due to him being the grandson of the clan head and his natural enchanting face.

Looking through the load of information‚ Feng Mei realized that he transmigrated into a body with a cultivation talent comparable to pigs shit.

After cultivating for 10 years this body previous soul was only able to reach body tempering level 1‚ able to only bully a normal person‚ that too because his parents got hundreds of herbs for him to use.

In this world where power dominates all and strength speaks truth‚ he is a good for nothing trash who can only leech off his clan and family status.

The situation he is in is also very dangerous‚ someone suddenly came after his life‚ while he was strolling around the outermost western part of Yan city.

Most of his guards with no cultivation died protecting him‚ so that he can escape and others are still fighting to protect his life.

Three out of five of his most powerful guards who died were level 2 body tempering cultivators.

The vice guard captain has achieved level 3 body tempering cultivator‚ and the guard's captain is a body tempering level 6 cultivator‚ only one realm away from becoming a high-level body tempering cultivator.

His remaining guards fought the assaulter. Feng Mei heard the rustling sound of dry leaves being crushed ‚ clashing of iron sword and the last wail of the vice captain‚ and soon followed the wail of the guard's captain.

The sound due to the clashing of iron swords faded‚ Feng Mei knew that the situation is going to get dangerous and can even result in his death‚ right after transmigration‚ soon a person whose entire body was covered in tight black silk clothes except for his deep black eyes‚ that showed unmasked murderous Intent and loathing came out‚ and stood 30 foot away from Feng Mei.

"Feng Mei!" said the person wearing black clothes and mask covered in blood with a shrill voice

"Hold up eh heh all my boys in the hood" Wait what am I even saying‚ he thought in his mind‚ goddamn this pain!

"Boy have you already gonna crazy? I guess even if I don't kill you now and let you go it wouldn't matter much‚ since you are already mentally retarded" the assassin said.

"No‚ Listen to me! I am not retarded and definitely not the Feng Mei YOU want to kill! He has already died"

"HAHA boy do you think I am blind and have no eyes?" he replied‚ while walking toward him.

He realized that this bastard was definitely going kill him so why not just spew some nonsense before dying once again.

After all I am a generous young master and telling truth is my specialty.

"Hold up I have a heaven truth to tell" he shouted which made the killer stop in his tracks

"Say it" The killer knew what heaven truth were‚ this word also defined the location of the exotic treasure present in this world.

"Brother‚ did you know that your parents were of different races?"

The killer hooked his head

"What nonsense are you spewing" he shouted.

Feng Mei continued by saying

"Your father race was "Eyes" your mother race was "Behind the ass" ‚ they gave birth to you! A mixture of two races‚ A miracle of heaven! Your race is also called Eyes behind the ass!"

"Hahaha! Boy it's time to die! The guards meant to protect you are already waiting in the yellow spring‚ so do me a favor and accept your death" Said the killer as he confirmed that this person didn't have any information and was spewing bullshit to obtain some time.

"In your dreams! Mr‚ eyes behind the ass" replied Feng Mei‚ while inwardly thinking that most people who transmigrated are at least given enough time to progress a little in power‚ why the heck am I facing a boss level character while covered in multiple wounds and possessing 1hp(Health points)"

Mission issued: Escape from the black-robed man‚ who believes that you and your guards are brother's in life and death‚ and wants you to accompany your beloved guards‚ that he killed like slaughtering pigs‚ so that you all can merrily cross the yellow spring together.

"Merrily my ass!" he shouted out loud‚ the black-robed assassin running towards Feng Mei gave a weird look as if looking at a retard.

Mission Rewards: 100 experience point‚ A chance to adventure through multiple mythical worlds‚ 1× random fate roulette coupon‚ +10 luck.

"A cliff behind my back and a bloody grim reaper in front!" he thought inwardly

"Oh great system! There's no path to escape. Either I rush ahead and get my head chop off or jump down from this cliff whose end I can't see‚ and get my bone crushed and body shattered into thousand pieces".

"Special mission activated: Jump down from the cliffs within 20 seconds.

Mission rewards: 50 experience points‚ 1× random Cultivation roulette coupon."

"Hehehehe" Feng Mei laughed hysterically‚ while looking at the black-robed man who kept walking closer and closer‚ and said out loud "If I managed to live‚ I promise I will make sure to send you to the yellow spring for not believing that I am generous young master Mei in the future".

The black-robed man heard this and hurriedly rushed forward to chop his head off his neck‚ but was unable to do so. As Feng Mei had already jumped off the cliff.

The black-robed man look down the cliff and thought that there's no way that he could have survived after jumping off the deep cliff‚ and decided to return back and report to his master about Feng Mei's death.

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