Dream Training : The Champions

Author: Agis_Z99
Competitive Sports
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What is Dream Training : The Champions

Read Dream Training : The Champions novel written by the author Agis_Z99 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Competitive Sports stories, covering levelup, fastpaced, ordinary, egoist. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Football is a sport belonging to everyone in the world. But the light of the World Cup is only bright in Europe and South America. The dominance of the two in this sport is so strong and imprinted. This is the story of another beginning of light appearing on the Asian continent. Kazuki Kazeshima, A young player who was expected to become a Japanese football star failed to shine in the Manchester United Academy. However, one month before his contract expired, a change occurred, in his dream, he met the GM and [Dream Training]. With the help of [Dream Training], will Kazuki be able to bring hope to Asian football?

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It was my first English novel, so there would be a lot of flaws in it. If you think this novel readable then please continue, but if you think the English in the novel is too bad to interrupt your reading pleasure, then stop reading. English is not my mother tongue, but one of the ways to improve English is to keep writing and reading. Because it's hard for me to improve English if I have to stop writing this novel. The background of this novel is an alternate reality with references of players from the real world. I apologize if there any fan of a club or a player was offended by my writing.


good novels. get us excited about football. however, the novel is too focused on the match. come on. it's about Mc who is a player. also a human. can't the author, write a few chapters about Mc. about agents, sponsorship contracts, friends outside the club, social life. unlucky. So far the chapter on Mc's social life has only revolved around. 1. Family in Japan. about 2-5 chapters..? 2. Holiday Mc with an assistant which is not explained at all. come on man. give a little stress reliever for Mc and readers


I finally found a gem, thank you for making this author. If you feature blue lock or something into this I would be a very happy man. But overall I really like this book and it is one of those hidden gems in we novel.


I recommend this novel. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


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h . hghhhhhhh . h h .. . . . .. .. . .


Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Goodjob!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!!!


Why has Kazuki become so bad at forgetting goals in recent chapters? And only assists gives! I'm reading about Kazuki, not other players! Kazuki needs to be the best and not the average player!!!!!


Reveal spoiler


Its not bad.... I kept reading on to know if the mc will be the main but nop... u don't focus in mc at all 😕..sorry my english is bad I hope u can understand this !!!!! I request the author to look read The greatest of all time...I swear it's the best novel..


currently in chap 18 so far the story is good. it has a lot of potential. I like like the fast pace and no drama so far. Pretty 👍. ...........


Got to give this 5 stars. The author is so much good at explaining football matches. It like you can see the game happening while you read. The story is about Kazuki got a system that allowed him to train! In sleep! The pace and progression of the story are absolutely great!


I like your novel, keep the good work man!!!! just didn't like your naming..... Good sport novel............................ I like your novel, keep the good work man!!!! just didn't like your naming..... Good sport novel............................


Since this dream training, can Kazuki daydream while dreaming and training in the future? **************************************************


—-—— Masterpieeceeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥———- ..........................................…...............................................................


The story is quite good. The grammar of course could be better,but still,it's ok. Though,I would have preferred you you used real players, and not made up ones. Overall,it's nice.


Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Goodjob!!!!!![ Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!![img=recommend]nice!!!!! Goodjob!!!!!![


Reveal spoiler


Love the book. As long you keep releasing new chapter steadily on daily basis or like 5 chapter a week or more I will keep voting and supporting you.[img=update][img=update]


nice! nice! nice! nice! very nice!! nice! nice! nice! nice! very nice!! nice! nice! nice! nice! very nice!! nice! nice! nice! nice! very nice!!


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