Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System!

Author: Taddena
Anime & Comics
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What is Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System!

Read Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System! fanfiction written by the author Taddena on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, system, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Tang San: Thief, return my Eight Spider Lances! Return my fairy grass! Why can’t my Blue Silver Grass awaken as the Blue Silver Emperor? Xiao Yan: Which thief stole my strange fire! Castan: Who stole Feiyan’s heart? I am pleased in every way, but she is indifferent! Tian Yan: Father, when will you come back to see me and mother again! Li Xingyun: Shouldn’t the empress like me? Sasuke: Return my Nissan’s writing wheel! Hello, I am not the original author, I loved this novel very much, I wanted to share it for those who have not seen it and those who do not know. I don't own anything about this novel and the characters. Note; I do not expect any income from this novel. Original: https://www.mtlnovel.com/douluos-stealing-the-ten-thousand-realms-system/ https://m.qidian.com/book/1025142158.html Author: Fried green pepper with egg

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Soran Xenthos completely sucks at being normal. Being found inside of a destroyed mech in the middle of a civil war in the year 3981 certainly made him unique. He has also been able to manipulate fire before he could even learn how to walk. On the very long list of the things that make him special the one thing he truly hated was the strange nightmare that he can't seem to get rid of. A night of horror and death involving a woman named Alara and a man named Solomon who ironically looks just like him. Now living on the fourth planet of the Prime System known as Neo Arcadia, he attends the Albion Military Academy. A special school comprised of students from each of the Prime System's six worlds. Though for the past two weeks he's spent time in suspension for an altercation at school gone horribly wrong. For his first day back he hoped he could spend it peacefully with his friends, Andrew, Clarke, and Talia as well as his cousin Minerva. Yet he found his hopes dashed away as a school rival nearly kills him. Moments before death, Soran comes face to face with Solomon himself, who reveals that Soran is actually a member of a long-forgotten race known as the Arcadians. Beings made of living Ether, the unlimited energy source that powers the very society Soran has known. It is then he gains awareness of his true potential as the holder of an Arcadian Marker called "The Fool." Realizing his destiny, Soran is entrusted by Solomon with the task of stopping Lucian, the man who murdered Solomon eons ago from realizing his ambition of creating a utopia, where only Arcadians exist. However, Lucian's cunning knows no bounds as he attacks Albion Academy in an attempt to recruit Soran for his grand ambition just after the latter awakens to his true self. With the Prime Council and Solomon now placing their faith in Soran, he must acquire the secrets hidden within the Fool that will lead him to Lucian's ultimate goal. The Arcanum Astra, a device that is said to have the power to shape the very cosmos itself. For that he will lead the greatest fighting force the Prime System has ever created... Nova Astra.

SoranX · Sci-fi
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48 Chs
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I hope you like this novel. In addition, the author of this novel has 2 more beautiful novels, but they are not translated into English. If you're not comfortable reading Raw, you can check it out, if you're uncomfortable, I'll post it translated from google translate soon.


Guys, let me make a correction: I'm not editing the novel, I'm just translating some chinese words and sharing it like that. It is difficult for me to read on other sites, so I will translate various novels that I like and post them here. Please don't ask me to edit :)


Brother, thank you for allowing me to explore this novel. I like it very much, waiting for you to update the chapters. I created an account just to comment on you.


. The novel would have been good if it was translated properly but looks like the author copy pasted mtl version. . . . . . . . . .


this is just the same with mtlnovel, you just copy it there and paste it here this is just the same with mtlnovel, you just copy it there and paste it here


It was good but after chp 309 programing language apeard pls fiks Dpywpupuspusøudøudfkjædøjdjøuæfæuføuøjdhødøudøjdøjddduædæudufæuåuepueåuepudøudæudøulyyødøhødhdøjlhslhsøglføføføudøjdøhdøuæudduææ


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