Diary of the DeadDiary of the Dead

Diary of the Dead

by sillymlk

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Death is such a simple and yet so complicated phenomenon. We spent all our lives trying to avoid death but eventually succumbing to it. But then what? Is everything over? Is it really the end as we imagine or all the stories about reincarnation, about ghosts are true? What happens when someone dies? There are many stories which end at death and some that extend beyond death. But my story... It begins at death. Hey everyone! I'm Chloe. I've recently become a ghost and I have no memories of my human life. Join me in my adventure where I discover my past and my future together. The adventure of a "Life" that exists beyond "Death." *PS: The cover picture is not mine, and I'll take it down if the original owner wants me to.* If you want to connect with me: Feel free to message me in:- 1.Discord. ID: sillymlk#8687 2. Instagram ID: zuozhe_jiemei 3.Discord group: https://discord.gg/rJPDJQA join discord to connect with other fans

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