The Shadow I live With
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The Shadow I live With


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What is The Shadow I live With

The Shadow I live With is a popular web novel written by the author JustLikeWriting777, covering MURDER, MYSTERY, THRILLER, DARK, SUSPENSE, SECRET, Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 57.9K readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 46 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 15 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Joey Miller doesn't talk much. He lives in a dark town which carries dark secrets. But those secrets aren't compared to his own. No one knows that he lives with a shadow... Unable to bear his life, he flees after an incident that changes everything. Meanwhile, far in the fields lives Charlotte Quin, who loves to write. But she's hiding an illness from her family, knowing that they won't be able to treat it. Then, her simple and plain life in the farm takes a twist when she finds a run-away. Read how the two meet and struggle with the dangers ahead of them.


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What a suspense-filled novel. The story is good and unique. it has a hint of mystery and thriller and it is good. check the novel out and I am sure you will like it


Oh, My God! What an interesting start! I don't usually read first pov stories but god this got me hooked like?? From the start, it has an eerie feeling but not enough to scare you away. I like the suspense and the pace of this story. The world back is amazing. The author's writing style is just a chef's kiss. I'm honestly excited about how this story will flow in the future. Thank you so much for working so hard!


This is the first suspense story that Iv come across that I find myself 100% captivated in! Added this story to my library. Please keep up the great work 🙏


Quite a nice and thrilling read. Hmnn. Aside from a few grammar mistakes, the thrill and talent are here. A little more polishing and it's going to shine. Please keep it up. May the author write more, edit more, learn more, and even earn more.


Well built world background pertaining mystery and secrets hidden. Good command over grammars and descriptively tailored sequence of events. I'm invested to the plot and it's concept. Keep up with the good work author!


I really enjoyed the book. Although mystery is not my favorite genre, yours was really worth reading. The parallel storyline was also nicely done.


Amazing Story. It has 2 parallel storylines at the start. Though personally, Joey's story is way more engaging than the other half... It's not like the other one isn't good, it just pales in comparison. The author is an expert in building up a feeling of horror. I am totally sucked in by this story. It's amazing so do check it out and add it to your collections. Best of luck author.


WOW. just WOW. The book is really intriguing. The flow of the story all fascinating and suspenseful. I like how it changes to different characters, each with their own worlds. The description of the words is clear. I'll be following this story. Great job author.😉


First chapter already have show you the mystery. I like how neat and simple your writing. And how balanced the long line sentence with the short one. Make me feel ease when Im read it.


This is my favourite genre. I really love the potrayal of both the characters. It's awesome, exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I'm so looking forward to the next chapters!!


A captivating story about a boy with Stockholm syndrome living with a serial-killer sociopath, running alongside the tale of a sick girl with family issues. Very curious to find out how these two plotlines will intersect.


I was wondering why the author and the character names were all so familiar when I realized that I reviewed your short story last time XD. Anyway, I'm glad that you decided to expand on it so we can see more about the characters and the story that you want to tell. Writing quality is great; I didn't notice many errors at all. The plot is moving along nicely, and I like how relatable the protagonist's thoughts are. Keep writing author! You're doing great!


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Wooow. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! I can only say that, because this story is unique and fantastic! I hope you can keep it up cant wait for more!!!!!


This is an amazing story. The way you narrate things and the way you present the MC's thoughts is really top notch. I got hooked into this story from the first chapter and I am really enjoying it. Just a few editing here and there but other than that well done, author. I just added this good piece to my collection and looking forward to other updates!


Thrilling!! I am amaze by how this author describe the situation and emotions. The MC is definitely my favorite, his attitude😍This will definitely stay on my library, keep the good work author! I am hoping for more chapterz


Oh god you really get goosebumps while reading it. A suspens mistery take you high from first chapter only 👏👏👏 After second chapter you want to know everything and tend to read more and more...Feels really bad for the boy who is suffering because he wants to live this life.👍👍👍 You got me hooked author...Great story... The great story telling...Yes you are the best 👏👏👏


Unique story, Interesting. This is the first time I read a novel with a First-person Point of View. Give a different vibe. So far, so good.excelent work, author.


This story should be illegal- it's doing illegal things to my heart! Besides my constant heart palpitations I enjoy this story very much, like, I can't even explain why I like it, I just do.


you have a great story here. I can feel the atmosphere of the setting. Enjoy read it. keep working on the plot and the characters. [img=coins]


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