Demonic Devourer's Development
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Demonic Devourer's Development


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What is Demonic Devourer's Development

Read Demonic Devourer's Development novel written by the author Garessta on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The most powerful demon of Hell reduced to a mere slug! Thanks to his unique ability to absorb abilities of the creatures he ate, Voren became the strongest demon in Hell. But just when he was ready to relax and enjoy the luxuries he conquered, gods descended from Heaven to take him down. One against many, Voren fought valiantly, but in the end, he was defeated. Still, the gods couldn’t break his spirit. He lost all his demonic powers, but even all of gods’ efforts couldn’t wipe out Voren’s memories—and his unique ability. As a last attempt to destroy him, gods made Voren reincarnate as one of the lowest creatures there is—a slug. But even that won’t stop Voren from taking his immortality back and getting his revenge. He will reach Heaven… through violence. And enjoy everything the mortal realm can offer on his way there. Warning: contains bloody violence, crimes against animals, crimes against humans and what else you can expect from an evil protagonist. (please, read the prologue) Mass release event! Goals: 500 Power stones = 3 chapters 700 Power stones = 5 chapters [WPC #198 SILVER PRIZE] Join my discord server for SPECIAL CONTENT - https://discord.gg/74h73Re2Ak


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You, reader, must look at my story and think: "Hmm, this looks just like a bazillion of other stories where MC reincarnates into some monster with a system and/or a cheat". And what will I say to you in reply? Yes, on the surface, it is. But! It is my duty as a writer to avoid, at least conciously, all cliches that I could. To play with tropes, think up original ideas and so on and so on. Or maybe you don't care for originality too much. Many don't. Well, one way or another, I hope you will give it a try >:3


A tasty blend of many popular flavors, in a crispy delicious shell with the right amount of crunch, but not too much crunch. Too many numbers really overwhelm the palate, and are best carefully managed like the right amount of salt. Eat your vegetables, boys and girls, Voren certainly does, and he gets big and strong thanks to it!


Came here looking for copper and struck gold. In terms of story and plot, it does add its own unique twist to the whole monster with a system trope, which only adds to its entertaining factor. What really stands out however is the writing quality as it is extremely easy to simply flow through the chapters mindlessly lost in the story. Grammatical mistakes are almost non-existent and story development is quick. In terms of character, readers come face to face with a raging monster that simply wished to enjoy a better life, something all of us can relate to, and was denied that possibility. So I implore readers to sit down, get comfy and follow mc's journey.


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Interesting start, can't wait for more. Here's to hoping you'll win the WPC. . .. .. ... ... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


So far so good, it's a weak to strong story but with an interesting twist. I'm looking forward to future chapters. ...........................


An interesting concept with a bit of a twist. A demon starting at the bottom of the food chain. Well, if that isn't worth reading, then I don't know what is! Give it a try :)


I'd like to remind that this is entirely my own opinion and only based upon everything up to chapter 18. (Because there wasn't more published yet.) Writing Quality: Recogniseable the writing of an expirienced author. Story Development: This is a very Action driven Story, fast paced but comftable enough in speed to not get to quickly exhausted. Character Design: An opportunistic Demon with revenge Fantasies towards the gods that wronged him. I am curious how he might change throughout the Story. Update stability: What's to say? The writer does still write, so good. I guess... World Background: The World grows gradually with the Maincharacters own reach. Starting small as a snail only to grow with him. Summary: Cute apex preditor snail is cute.


Awesome read. Blended with just the right amount of evil, humour, and well founded logic. Sprinkled with a dash of grotesqueness at the top along with the garnishing of spicy plots. And served hot with the pickle of intriguing world development. A smooth read for those want to ease into the EvilMC genre. The only regret I have is that the narration is in first person, which makes me less immersive in the storyline than I want to be. But it might not be a problem for many potential readers out there. My point is, you should definitely give this work a try. Wishing my best to the author.


5 stars just for the interesting synopsis and concepts............................................................................................................


Ah yes, another weak-to-strong story to go wild for. And it has the premise of a revenge plot to boot. This is another novel that I'd read up to chapters of four digits-- so I hope it gets up to that much at least ;D


Good writing quality. Frequent updates, pretty much daily. Story development, checked! Character Design, seems good so far. World Background, too early to judge. Keep up the good work.


Honestly this is just a bad story. The only interesting thing is the character design but everything else is just so badly written from the world building down to the leech character that the author somehow kept instead of getting rid of.i assume the pest cost the book a lot of readers but that's beside the point. It's not worth reading.


Now I've read up to chapter 61. The novel is good, writing is extremely easy to just flow through the lost chapters in the story. But it started to get a little repetitive, or maybe I'm the only one who's tired after reading 61 chapters in a row. but overall it's a good read.


I lost my interest when pest was introduced. now even after skipping like 15 chaps and reading chap 34, I still can't get my interest back. Good writing skills author and very detailed. I just lost interest because of that pest so I will have to go as I cannot force myself tod read what I do not like. Good luck an have fun!


At chapter 30 therea outs but the story is good. No annoying system, the danger is real anc you dont know what to expect. The plot and backgrou d are good and thr character is decent. The parasite is annoying but it breaks the monologue type communication that has been so prevalent in the begginnig. A good read, I do believe I will be continuing wjtht this story.


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