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Death system


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What is it beyond death?  A question that will never be answered until one meets with the death itself, isn't it?  "You are a disappointment."  "I'll always be by your side."  "Have you gone mad!? You useless trash!"  "Believe in yourself as I believe in you."  Thousands of scenarios and dramas in his life, but he stood, as he walked one step at a time. He never feared going forward for the worst that could happen is his death. 'Perhaps.. I shouldn't have been born... '  A thought that always haunted his mind, for he thought he's unfit for this world.  'But.. I don't wanna die either..'  And in his last moment, he heard a voice, a whisper that came into his head.  "Do you?" ****** hai, I'm joining the spirity contest and this is my new story. if you like how the story so far, please give me your support by leaving a review or some power stones for me, thank you!


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