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Read Death system novel written by the author RandomGuy on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, system, cultivation, fantasy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What is it beyond death?  A question that will never be answered until one meets with the death itself, isn't it?  "You are a disappointment."  "I'll always be by your side."  "Have you gone mad!? You useless trash!"  "Believe in yourself as I believe in you."  Thousands of scenarios and dramas in his life, but he stood, as he walked one step at a time. He never feared going forward for the worst that could happen is his death. 'Perhaps.. I shouldn't have been born... '  A thought that always haunted his mind, for he thought he's unfit for this world.  'But.. I don't wanna die either..'  And in his last moment, he heard a voice, a whisper that came into his head.  "Do you?" ****** hai, I'm joining the spirity contest and this is my new story. if you like how the story so far, please give me your support by leaving a review or some power stones for me, thank you!

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Here is my shameless review although I'm not the author. This book is simply magnificent, the way that he wrote was something to be talked about. Overall, I will call this one a masterpiece. The plotting was good and not boring. TRY THIS OK!!!!


Hai! A shameless five stars review by myself. For you who love reading my story, thank you so much! And for those who still hesitating if you should give it it a try or not, well, don't hesitate anymore, give it a try! But if it's not your taste, then I'm so sorry for that. And for those who frustrated with how the grammars were, how the wording were, or even wanted to give some suggestions on how the story would develop, please give some comments in the comment section, I will always read every comments of you guys! Last but not least, please have a good read! :)


I was slightly intrigued by the title and decided to give this a try. Some parts were interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how I'd go in the next chapters. There was a lot of 'action' happening in the first chapter, which was good. It could definitely benefit from having an editor, however. I'll see how the rest goes, then.


I think this novel is really amazing, good story plot and great characters and power systems the author really out did him self with this piece of art work.


I dont know wether your aware of it or not but there was a story like this before, 5 to 6 years ago, i think? Anyway you can find it in this site so maybe you should take the chance at getting writing materials... I kinda forgot the title of that storry, so you'll have to find it on your own...


Nice writing. It is easy to read and captivating. I love the themes introduced. The story grabs your attention from the first chapter. The only problem is that you were too vague about what was happening in the first chapters. Especially that dream after death with the blond girl and all. The backstory is too foggy. However the present is beautifully depicted and interesting. The MC also seems like a promising badass. Great potential.


All in all I t is an interesting read. Definitely on the odd side but worth reading. Can't wait for more chapters to be released to find out what happens next.


I haven't read the story but I wanted to give the author feedback regarding the synopsis, or lack thereof. I get that writing a synopsis can be hard, but that's no excuse for not having one. What you've got right now completely lacks any information regarding what this story is actually about. It doesn't even introduce the character in any meaningful way. After reading what's there, I have no idea what to expect, and as such I have no desire to take a random chance when my time could be better spent playing Warframe, Jedi Fallen Order, or Destiny 2. A synopsis is a sales pitch, and right not I don't even know what you're selling.


ah a new place to dump powerstones daily now i need more characters in this review so i will continue to type as you can see as of this point i have 154 characters well now 178 i will now send the review


it's a really great story I had a lot of fun following along with the main character. I wish there was more though. sad that the author stopped writing chapters.


Ive read around 11 chapters and I really like the writing quality plus world background of this novel. The story development is fast, which I really like. The character design is also at point. Loving this amazing novel.


I have been blackmailed by how good it is. in order to encourage the author I am here to give a well deserved 5 star rating....................


I will say this - Book plot has potential to compete for top 10 power ranking but the quality of English translation and composition of sentences leaves too much to desire. some times proper verbs are not there sometime correlation between person's action and response do not click together. so it's my humble request to author to go over everything again and edit all the discrepancies for a seamless reading experience for the audience.


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First of all, i must say, First line is OP and it got me hooked making me ask myself the same question. First chapter is superb and it got me reading and I thought the author improved a lot. Second point is the 2nd chapter I saw some/few grammatical error but its fine, I read through it and here comes the 3rd chapter and here is where im at rn. I tried to mark the errors/mistakes ive seen to try and help our author gain more readers ;) I give first chapter top marks, very interesting and captivating. Keep it up and dont stop in the middle. I believe in you ;)


I think so far it’s relatively put together. The fact your thrown into an unknown world is a used, but interesting scenario in this case. The fights seem well thought out though not quite as detailed as I’d like. The characters seem a bit... “Trope-y” like their stereotypical but they seem to mesh well together. So besides some minor flaws to be polished just by experience I think it has some potential as a novel depending on where the author goes.


Having read through this novel I have a few things to say. One, the Author's grammar has improved quite a bit from before! Two, I see that his plotting is as good as ever, the story is interesting and compelling so I'd definitely be giving this story I read if I were you! Three, The MC is quite nice too and it's interesting to follow his story, this book is definitely one you'd wanna check out! So go ahead and do so already!


very good! .......................................................................................................................................................................


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