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Death Ascension


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What is Death Ascension

Read Death Ascension novel written by the author Tiene_Lass on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, r18, system, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WPC#202 Bronze prize winner] “If I become a Seraph, they can’t possibly send me back to hell, right?” Mikael Lee was dead. Just when he thought he could finally rest in peace after living in misery, he was condemned to an eternity in hell. But he refused to accept his fate! He escaped to Phantas, a world of magic and monsters, and received the Ascension system. Determined to achieve redemption, Mikael vowed to do good deeds. Together with his partner, the two souls who shared one body sought to purge evil… but the incarnations of the seven deadly sins continuously test their principles. Will Mikael fight them as an Angel or will he join them as a Demon? ------- [Preface The Ascension System is a program granted by the universe to beings who attained the hidden qualifications. Players are given the choice to either become a Demon Lord or a Seraphim by collecting bad or good karma, respectively. The creator of the universe has ordained that ‘beings of free will’ be appointed as ‘Players’ for balance. For Chaos and Order. For Yin and Yang. The players shall be given Providence to defy their own fate and forge their own paths.] ------ **Expect that the MC will not be perfect at first (which may come off as annoying to some readers) but don't worry! he will definitely get better throughout the novel. please give it a read until the 2nd volume before deciding whether it's not your cup of tea :D * cover not mine, if you know the artist, please tell me so I can give proper credits.


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Well, with only 20+ Chapters, I can’t give you a satisfying review. But, I assure you the novel is well written, the world background is great, the development is going good, and most of all it’s not boring. So far, the personality of the MC is chaotic but don’t worry, he is not making stupid mistakes. The only downside is the plotholes, but I won’t be petty with the stars. To not drop the novel, I hope you are will always motivated and healthy, so good luck author.


Reveal spoiler


Very interesting story! Narration is good, so is the story! Can't wait to read more! Author increase the updates already, dying to read more!


The storyline had been paced aptly. writing quality is just as good. there's a lot to be explored when it comes to MC's character design yet but his persona seems real enough. i tend to like antiheros more so I might not be the best person to judge any further. updating stability is acceptable but has a room for improvement. lastly , the world background is intriguing enough.


I've never read a narrative as engaging as this one! I was fascinated after reading the first chapter, and I can't wait to read more! 😊 Everyone can identify to the character in the first chapter because he is fighting for his life, and I am one of them. It makes you want to go there and cheer him up, but I hope he's fine and can see how lovely the world is. After all, this story is intriguing and simple to comprehend, and you did an excellent job writing it. Keep it up, and best of luck with your writing career.❤


I'm just gonna pass by-----and say this story's writings--rather the author's way of writing is simply beautiful. (I rarely say that---Probly only to I'll show you a villain and Beautiful Nightmare??---oh and White Cat Shizun). The plot is great----not really a fan of--but I've read numerous of it and it never gets old. I need moree--!! [emphasis]


This novel is full of fresh ideas. I also love that the MC is not like typical Xianxia or wuxia MC who face slaps every 5 -10 chapters. there's a solid plot that doesn't revolve around face slapping


The MC is smart. i like how he doesnt have much OP powers but can still get through problems by using his brain. also, the story is well written. not much world background for now (as of chapter 14) but it's understandable since it's still early in the story. hope to read more


An enjoyable story, i honestly didn't expect to be attracted on the first read. I love the use of words, dialogues and narrations the Author uses. Such a beautiful picture with an amazing storyline


A very interesting plot. I like how every chapter was well defined by the author. Taking readers to a world beautifully illustrated by words. I hope to read more chapters!


it's only 5 chapters but I can definitely tell that this is going to be awesome! I love how Cerberus was portrayed as a fusion of Kyuubi and chimera. haha


Love your concept! I'm excited to read the next chapters! I'm curious to know what happens to the MC. the synopsis is really intriguing hoho hope this updates everyday lol


Love it!! Keep up the good work!


HI Readers! Author here~ This is a dark themed novel that will tackle human psychology and how the whispers of the devil take advantage of this weakness. This story will show you, readers, that things are not always what they seem so you must judge everything with an impartial eye. With that said, expect unique twists about the identity of the 7 deadly sins. I hope this novel will make you think/reflect on what is wrong and what is right. What is just and unjust. Put yourself in every character’s shoes, and ask ‘If I was her/him, will I make the same choice?’ If you are a reader who likes ruthless, OP MCs who just face slaps his way throughout the story, maybe this is not for you. But I assure you, this story is a quagmire. Once you dive in, there’s no getting out. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.


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