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Cultivation Pet Shop


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What is Cultivation Pet Shop

Cultivation Pet Shop is a popular web novel written by the author DXHaseoXD, covering SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, ROMANCE, ALCHEMY, MALE-LEAD, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.17/5 and 52 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 168 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"What? That chicken is actually a phoenix?" "You're telling me that this dog is a qilin?" "This little lizard is the legendary dragon?" "What kind of weird pet shop is this? When did legendary beasts become so easy to find!" An ordinary looking shop, but what hides inside are legendary cultivation pets. Step inside, but only if you dare. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Come follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/DXHaseoXD Every 350 Power Stones is an extra chapter for that week! Up to a maximum of 5 extra chapters a week!


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Well I'm the author, so I have to give it 5 stars, but here are some reasons why you should as well. 1. You like face slapping? There will be plenty of that! 2. You like dark comedy? This novel's dark enough that I can't even see the light switch in front of me. 3. You like cultivation? Well join an adventure where each step will be a slow climb. 4. You like systems? I got all the system you can want, you'll seriously get sick of it. If that didn't convince you, then maybe this will, cute girls...


Reveal spoiler


This novel is one of those where the MC gets a system not to power-up themselves but to run a business. I personally really like this kind of novels, so it's interesting to read. So far there are only 4 chapters so I guess the shop would become more and more popular overtime. A few suggestions I wanted to give based on my personal opinion (author you can ignore these if you want since they are just my opinions) Do a bit more world building, there are certain things I was able to imagine on my own but also things that I couldn't create a mental image of. One such thing is the shop: there is a transformation but the reader doesn't get to know much about how it looks now compared to before. I'd recommend checking out Black Tech Internet Cafe or some other similar novels to get inspiration on how to describe the changes. From the general writing perspective I'd suggest avoiding repetitive use of words such as realized and shabby, and look for some synonyms. The plot is a bit fast but I don't mind that too much. Overall it's a very nice novel. I hope Lin Fan's sister isn't crazy and the shop grows well. Keep working hard!


exact similar with astral pet store only different names and different chapter order you need some diferrences man not just names an arc that astral pet store haven't done or something


astral pet store copycat? meh...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.


This novel is amazing! - Sarcasm-. This novel seems similar to a certain Qidian Novel ahem Astral Pet Store. Okayz enough if the jokes. This novel is exactly like Astral Pet Store. The only thing that is different is how fast the plot moves and how they meet the Angel in early chapters. Where as we have just met Joanna in Astral Pet Store. Not only that, but the concept of infinite revives, electrocution when MC swears. The only thing really different that is noticable is the weird ass. sister. Which in itself is gross and a main reason why I dropped after literally less than 30 minutes of reading


Writing is rushed and seems to be an imitation of Astral Pet Store, so originality wise it's just a copy even the most of the plots I.e Old man with pet food and the first few customers. I could stand that, but the plot lines are quite squished together with not much story, not much monologue either and just tries with cheap tricks that makes no sense.


at first i'd your mc...but after read each chapter...your mc not mc but villain...im dissapointed...i dont mind if your mc copy paster from astral pet...but your mc same as mc from other cultiation


The story is somehow the same as astral pet store. Though there's some changes. I hope that It'll be much more interesting than the other one.


to be honest I think this might be something created from the novel astral pet store I like that novel and since the author is different might as well treat it as a completely different one.... we never know maybe this one might become better than astral pet store novel


With Due all respect, damn this is good idk why this novel has a low review, but I guarantee that this is good. Keep up the good work that's all hopefully you'll continue this.


I decided to review this so as to clear some myths. Some idiots who read few initial chapters made some claims about this novel. This is for future readers so that they don't get duped. True this novel is similar to Astral pet store..... about 60-70% similar but not same or exactly similar. Those who haven't read astral pet store don't have to concern themselves with any nonsense and just read this. This novel isn't like other popcorn system novels out there. System isn't OP and helps(or tortures) MC in regards only to pet/pet shop. MC is sensible and not arrogant dickhead. Characters have decent personality. Power system is well defined. World building has some serious potential. Also there are some cliche plots here so though not a perfect but an enjoyable read. Now coming to those who have read Astral pet store. I am currently at chapter 447(reading MTL after chapter 351). If you read this novel for few chapters you may think it is same but it isnt if you read it to the latest chapter i.e. 90. MC's personality here and in astral pet store is quiet different and also his sister. the backstory behind the sibling's relationship is different. The circumstances of their parents is also different and also the family friend, there is no1 in astral pet store. The connections MC has in this novel is different than in Astral pet store, girls here are falling for MC slowly unlike in Astral pet store where we don't have anything of such sorts yet. Now talking about events.... events are similar but in essence different. The exhibition match is different. There is no Momomga in that novel. MC has all together different pets as compared to astral pet store. The relationship between MC and angelina is quite different than their counterparts in astral pet store. Also the extent of Angelina's power, her mobility all these are completely different as in astral pet store. Even the current event of inheritance is entirely different if readers have read though the thing about inheritance is similar. The allies and the enemies MC has are also different. I have mentioned all those things that this novel is different than astral pet store...... One could say this is a fan fic of that novel or inspired from that novel. If you binge read this novel then it will appear to be entirely same but if you read it carefully and give this novel time then you will know that ideas are similar but execution is entirely different. Events are similar but what exactly happens is entirely different. So it doesn't matter if you have read astral pet store or not this novel is a good read. Also the grammar, writing style, narrations is much better in this novel..... Only thing i felt is astral pet store has better and exciting action scenes which this novel lacks but i think that it is just 90 chapters so we might see better action in future....


Well the story is good but it feels a lot similar to Astral Pet Store story For example hiring high level angel, in APT he hires a god both chap is so much similarities on how they hired Other than that nice story. [img=update][img=update]


due to me being poor as **** and unable to spend money on coins and fast passes to unlock many chapters, I have long since decided any author who locks chapter or places privilege options will never get spirit stones from me. it is insanely frustrating reading literally TWO chapters a day! that said, it is a wonderful story!


I really don't like shopkeepers and their neglect-play on cute girls, especially a dreamy yandere sister so can someone spoil for if he will suddenly grow some EQ and step it up (hopefully with sis but the prob is close to zero at this point-0.1%) or I will have to suffer through more than a hundred more chapters on neglect-play


Reveal spoiler


Basically this novel has the same framework like The Astral Soul Pet. Bratty system, having teleported to cultivation sites ect. s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s






I think my favorite parts about this novel are that the story is well made and gives good background into the world that the mc has been put in at the same time not forgetting the fact that the mc had a life before as well. The character design with everyone is very good with personalities of almost every character that is introduced into the story, but the only thing that I want to know is how people look. Just by what notes the author has makes me like them much more because every other story I have read barely has any notes at all. I'm so thankful there are people in this world with such good writing because if it was left to people like me we would all die of boredom.


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