338 As if Such a Toy Could Injure Me!

"Make sure to save some of that human's blood for us, and try not to kill the little princess. The Lord would like to have some fun with her before chewing on her meat and drinking her blood." Another demon said.

"Yuan… follow me…" Lan Yingying suddenly mumbled to Yuan.

Once Yuan nodded his head, Lan Yingying turned around and began running away. Seeing this, Yuan also turned around and followed her.

"Where the hell do you think you're running off to when you were the ones who came here first, you little shits?!"

The demon standing in the front immediately began chasing after Yuan and Lan Yingying.

Grandma Lan didn't even bother to block this demon and allowed it to chase after them.

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When the other two demons saw this, their eyebrows raised.

Grandma Lan smiled and said, "They don't need my help.. What's more, I already have my hands full with you little demons…"

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