337 Abandoned Valley

Inside the Mystic Realm, Yuan and the Lan Family gathered outside the cabin.

"We're going to invade the demons today. Are you all prepared?" Grandpa Lan asked them.

Once everyone there nodded, Grandpa Lan continued, "I'll carry all of you in my beast form."

A moment later, he transformed into a massive white serpent, and compared to Lan Yingying, he was at least ten times larger— large enough to wrap around an entire mountain with ease! 

Yuan was slightly surprised to see Grandpa Lan's beast form, but compared to the Great One that was literally countless times larger than a star, it wasn't too shocking.

When everyone jumped onto his back, Grandpa Lan suddenly levitated off the ground and began slithering in the air!

A flying snake— it was a sight to behold.

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