339 Key to Mystic Pagoda




Grandma Lan used her tail like a whip, sending the demons flying whenever they tried to get close to her.

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"Did you come here just to play around?! As if such weak attacks could kill us!" The demons would return to her no matter how many times they were sent flying by her tail.

However, Grandma Lan ignored them and continued to buy time for Yuan and Lan Yingying, as they were her only hope in killing them.

In the sky, Grandpa Lan and the Demon Lord also exchanged hundreds of blows with each other in just a few minutes.

"Old snake, you guys lost your chance to kill us off when that damn human failed to kill us hundreds of thousands of years ago! Even if your bloodline continues for many generations, you will never be able to defeat us!" The Demon Lord laughed out loud..

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