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Carry On


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“ I love the stars.” She sighed resting her head against his shoulder. Feeling curious he asked, “What do you love about them?” She took her head off from his shoulder to look him in the eyes and he watched as her eyes gleamed a little when he asked her that particular question. She let out a soft sigh and ran her hand through her hair and said," I believe in the stars. Some days the clouds cover them over and you can’t see a thing. They’re a rare sight which makes them so much more precious. I don’t know. I guess the stars have always comforted me. Getting lost in their beauty helped me get through some of my hardest times. It makes me forget. It makes all the pain that I’ve been through mean nothing to me. I feel free. I don’t think that we really die but we become the stars up there. I promise you that I'm going to be the brightest star up there and I’ll be here for you when you need me. The stars are what keep me going. They make me scared to let go cause they've always been there for me when I needed them. Is it really fair for me to go when they'll still be here?"


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