Careful Not To Break RealityCareful Not To Break Reality

Careful Not To Break Reality

by SomeoneBad

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[This series is completed! If you want a fun superpowered adventure set in a modern setting similar to one punch man, check out World's Strongest Cameraman!] Discord: https://discord.gg/5AAyr5r This story is set in the far future, the age of the post-modern era, when humans have evolved and progressed onto an intragalactic species, sharing the galaxy with two other intelligent intergalactic species: the tall slim water creature Aquarians and the short hairy militaristic Rockies. Throughout the ages, myths and legends of incredibly powerful weapons were incorperated into the stories of the old for each of the species, and those weapons, each posessing incredible reality altering powers, are known as the Artifacts. Rydel Daera encountered one of those artifact with the power to warp space itself in one of his expeditions, and from then on his life would be forever altered. There are more of the others like him, but not all of them think of the artifacts in the same way. With power over the fabrics of reality itself concentrated into a single being, what can one do with such power? With that, the story begins. As Rydel trains to use his artifact with the Bearers of the artifacts, they have also come into contact with a mysterious organization based in the wild regions of space that also has artifact users among them. Who are they, and why are they here? This is a story about the twenty beings from the three different species all over the galaxy, and they are bound to leave a mark in galactic history forever. If you have the power over reality, then be careful not to break it. For the written first volume, expect a sci-fi space adventure story with a dash of battle shonen. For the finished second volume, expect a story set in an academy abount one's rise to gain power. For the finished third volume, expect the introduction of many other artifact users, culiminating in a clash between the two groups during the Galactic Cultural Festival in the galactic capital! For the completed fourth volume, expect a death game on an ocean planet before an intergalactic political thriller about how a single politician shaped the fate of the galaxy. Anime inspired but can't shake my sci-fi roots

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