Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman

The Maha Tower or The Broken Tower of Omega—some call it. It is a place of Dream, a place of myth, and a place of Chaos. Only a thousand among many get the chance to climb it each year. Wrik spent years to find this tower, ignoring his studies, University, but to no avail. Until a day when a letter came to his door with a pair of tickets to the tower. But before that, he had to appear in gruesome trials to enter the cruel Tower. ________________ Check out the other works: Chaos Cycle: The Eye of Genesis. ________________ [The novel is a bit slow compared to other webnovel. It picks up the pace from the 10th chapter or so.]

silent_walker · Fantasy
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220 Chs

The Trial Salesman (2)

[Confirm Purchase.]

[You purchased 10x vial of Growth 'Steraam' serum with 1000 credits.]

A message appeared to confirm his purchase. Wrik opened one vial and inspected the content inside. It's blue and a few times denser than water, with no smells. There's also a short user guide besides the vials. He made a mental note to read it later. Now he wanted to buy a few more things.

Everyone bought the growth serum as well. Even the kid used most of his credits on the serum, as it was the most important thing for their current state.

"I would like to buy more," Anton said. "Is there a discount for me?"

"No," Ryat refuted with no hesitation. He looked at the figure of Tanya again, before continuing. "My discounts are only for the most beautiful ladies or the Mahasayer with inhuman potentials. I can't tell you about the latter but you don't look like a gorgeous lady to me."

"But I might've inhuman potential, no?" Anton didn't rest after hearing what Ryat said. "How do you measure that?"

"It's still too early for you," Ryat dismissed by shaking his head. "Everyone who comes here to partake in the Trial thinks of himself as some bigshot." He looked at everyone's expression and continued, "Am I wrong? Trust me, I'm in this business when you're still in your mother's womb. I've seen things that you only heard stories . . . maybe not even heard about it."

Ryat gave a deep sigh after the last sentence . . . for some reason, he looked a little older after that.

"Hey, Wrik, I've got a plan. You just have—" Anton whispered in the ear of Wrik, but he dismissed Anton's plan without even considering.

"Rest it, Ton. If you want me to consent Tanya in buying your stuff, then you would be disappointed—I won't agree to it."

"Hmm," Anton sulked at him, then looked towards the girl in question. She gave him an icy stare with her emerald eyes flashing. Anton felt a bit cold inside. He laughed awkwardly, saying, "On second thought, I'm satisfied with ten vials."

"Well, this ten vial would last three weeks if you use it continuously. After that, feel free to look for me in the sanctuary if you got the credits. Now tell me what else you need, I got dozen more places to be."

Anton grimaced a bit before nodding. Wrik couldn't help but flash a smile on his lips. He asked the salesman, gesturing towards the wound on his thigh. "You got something for injuries?"

"Of course I have," a paper talisman appeared in his arm as Ryat said that. He tapped a few times in the air again and continued. "Check it yourself."

A window appeared in front of Wrik with information about the talisman.

[Minor Recovery Talisman.

Grade: Uncommon

Quality: Good.

Price: 1000 Omega credits.

Description: As the name suggests, the minor recovery talisman could be used in any type of external injury. It takes effect in minutes and heals the injury within an hour if they were not that heavy. For heavier wounds, it takes a day to a week to heal.]

Wrik nodded. This was the thing he wanted. Though it's a bit expensive for him, as he had a little over seven thousand credits. But he didn't hesitate. "Give me three of these."

"Aren't you the smart one?" Ryat confirmed the purchase as he handed over the talismans. "Anything else?"

"Give me three of these as well," Tanya spoke without hesitation as well. Anton, Davin, and others followed her. The Lan and Lillian didn't have the credits to afford even a single on their own, but they got hold of two with Evan helping them out.

"You guys seemed to have the standard weapons from the awakening room," Ryat said, looking at their equipment. He gave a sceptical frown at their armour. "Need an upgrade?"

Wrik thought about the issue; yes his or Anton's equipment was not that decent. It's the best they can find in a short time. He hesitated. He had already spent half of his credits. He wanted to save something for a rainy day.

"Don't hesitate, if you want to take part in the next event," Ryat said. "Be quick, I've to visit my other customers as well."

Wrik looked at Anton, then towards Tanya for confirmation.

"You should get an upgrade. Your equipment, especially the armour won't hold much longer," Tanya said.

Wrik didn't hesitate anymore, he asked the Salesman. "So you have better armour with arm and leg guards."

"I have a lot better than the one you're wearing, but I don't know if you can afford those," the bald salesman pondered for a moment. He sent the details of the product to them. "This should be enough for phase two of the Trial."

[Zandra basic Light Armour set: breastplate, arm guards and leg guards, belt, helmet.

Total weight: 8.56kg.

Grade: Rare.

Quality: Good.

Price: 10000 Omega Credit.

Description: It's one of the archaic models of armour built by Zandra Tech. It was quite popular among the low floored users decades ago, but now it's just one old piece of equipment. Note: the price of the product is cheap because it's an old product.]

'This is cheap?' It's almost three times what he had on him. Wrik frowned, "You got anything cheaper?"

"I have, but the qualities are shit compared to this." Ryat continued. "Yes, this is an old model, that was discontinued in the forging after the technological advances, but it's still the best you would get in that price range. I have this only one remaining."

Wrik could tell that the bald salesman was telling the truth. The armour set looked old fashioned, but it's good stuff. But the problem was the capital. He couldn't afford this thing.

"If credits are the problem then, I can help," Tanya beside him spoke out.

Wrik flinched, it's not in his nature to borrow money from someone else, especially if it's from a girl. He was about to decline when Anton said out loud next to him, seeing his depressing expression.

"Only ten thousand? We could afford that."

"How much do you have?" Wrik raised an eyebrow at Anton's comment.

"A little close to twenty-seven thousand."

"How did you have this much?" Wrik calculated after hearing the numbers from Anton. The calculations didn't make sense. Even if he assassinated the Goblin Chief or came first in the hidden task—he shouldn't have this much amount as he got the [Shadow Stalker] Class as the primary reward.

"Well, twenty thousand is from the bonus of the ticket. And the rest are the rewards."

"What? That much as a bonus?" Davin was astonished. So were the others, including Wrik.

"Well, it's very much possible." Ryat cleared their doubts. "The inviter can imprint more credits on a ticket. But it costs a fortune. For example, after the standard 1000 credits, every single credit worth 10 of its multiplier till the next thousands and the process became a bit complicated after it reaches ten thousand marks, then only Omega Credits are not enough.

"Whoever your inviter is, he or she spent a fortune on you."