Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman

The Maha Tower or The Broken Tower of Omega—some call it. It is a place of Dream, a place of myth, and a place of Chaos. Only a thousand among many get the chance to climb it each year. Wrik spent years to find this tower, ignoring his studies, University, but to no avail. Until a day when a letter came to his door with a pair of tickets to the tower. But before that, he had to appear in gruesome trials to enter the cruel Tower. ________________ Check out the other works: Chaos Cycle: The Eye of Genesis. ________________ [The novel is a bit slow compared to other webnovel. It picks up the pace from the 10th chapter or so.]

silent_walker · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
220 Chs

Negotiations (2)

  "You three, in addition to these three on the ground, will work under me from now on, Or I'll make sure none of you would be in any condition to any work. How's that?" Wrik tried his best to look threatening, saying that. 

"Ohh," the wild lady licked her lips. "I can work under you, but I did not know you would take men under you too, and by under I meant literally under you." She gave a wild laugh after that.

Wrik cursed himself hearing that. This woman would take anything to bed. He sighed inwardly 

"Pretty brother, don't waste any more time, come to big sis. This big sis will take good care of you, you know how hard it's to survive here." The slaver lady was in no mood to take his words, as she had already guessed their conditions.

"You think I'm joking?" Wrik eyed the wild lady with radiant coldness in his eyes.