Bewitching Illusions
novel - Fantasy Romance

Bewitching Illusions

Mary Algen Guiang

Completed · 97.5K Views

What is Bewitching Illusions

Read Bewitching Illusions novel written by the author Mary Algen Guiang on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A dark and sinister retelling of an almost fairytale. "It is in my nature to deceive, plot, and kill. I don't feel pity or remorse. If you want to stop me from destroying the world, be my woman. There is no other way."

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Oh my goodness, I couldn't stop reading this book and was so crushed when I realized I've gotten to the end of the chapters. Please author, update some more. it would be a crime not to let people read more of your amazing story. I honestly can't wait to see who Yuki will end up with, and gosh what a tweaking plot twist at the fourth chapter. Kudos to the author, honestly👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😆


I have been on this platform for awhile and I read quite a number of books, but I have to say this is one of the most well written story I have come across. The character design and writing quality is superb, it reach directly into the readers heart ❤️. I am honored to have the opportunity of reading such an amazing piece of writing, it's both entertaining and inspiring. Thank you so much author sharing this lovely work with us 😍😍


The talent you have is just unbelievable! Well done! This story is amazing and i cant wait to read more! Such an interesting story you really got my so caught up! Phenomenal jobbbbbb Mary! I highly recommend everyone reads this book.


Wow Author it's a dam good novel and the way you are narrating it it's dam intresting ..I m way very much interested into your novel . .Way to go ..keep up the good work ..


perfect 5 stars for you Ms. Author! The 1st Chapter was indeed true to its title, Bewitching. Once you start reading you will find yourself wanting to read more, further and further. I love how you narrate the story, how smooth the flow of the narration, and how captivating your choices of words are. I love the plot and the setting of the story, it's not something new but the idea of Emperors, Palace, Prince and Princess will always be kind of fresh and new in every different plot and story line. Keep up the good work Ms. Author!


As a fellow author I can say the following without Shred of pride in my heart. I am Proud of my chapter 1. It took me 7 days to write and perfect. That being said, Author-San’s chapter 1 is Just as good as mine. Not only is the story captivating but it is written in the natural style of the author. This enhances the reading experience because it flows better. Think dark chocolate and milk chocolate. One is bitter but good and the Other is good beginning to end. This is the comparison I will use for both Your books. The ideas and concepts are great in both but this being your natural style, its a smoother and more enjoyable read. Love the story on both so far and cant wait to keep reading. Keep up the amazing work please !!! (Im the jealous one of your talent)


And yet again here the author is, winning my heart! Honestly, I would be lying if I said that this is bad because it is amazing! The author is amazing with words! I recommend you read it!


The author's writing is unbelievably good. I almost found myself crying while reading chapter two big can't wait for more chapters to come. I highly recommend this book. Enjoy


Right from the start the story is hmm what should i say, BEWITCHING i loved it everything was soo good i am in love with characters, great work authour, add this to library!!


It took me like 10 minutes to start writing this review. My mind is still processing what I just read. I'm so engrossed in the story I forgot my frustrations and be hooked. Like literally. This is nice. A heart touching kind of nice. A mouth gaping kind of nice. A mind breaking kind of nice. I honestly feel the hailstorm of emotions of the characters. Sympathizing with them. Feeling terrible at their situations. Dang, dear author my heart is still in fragile state. Please stop hurting me >.<


This is a very beautiful and exciting story. it makes me want to keep reading to the last page without blinking. I am very much impressed by the expressed emotions and beautiful characters. thumbs up to the reader. we request for more beautiful stories like this.


This is such an exciting story! Once you start reading you need to find out what happens. 🤩 The author has a true talent for writing, the story line and plot is well developed and the writing is beautiful. Highly recommend reading this book! [img=recommend][img=update][img=coins]


The story has a nice and captivating start. I felt the emotions of the characters were portrayed and described so well that I understood them. Kudos to the author for the amazing job. Keep it up.


Usually I am not into these genres of novels, but this really caught my eye. Especially the way you narrate is top notch and close to being perfect if not perfect!!. Keep up the good work and don't stop writing.


👏👏👏. Beautiful, that’s my first word to describe this masterpiece . I love how the author manages to capture my attention with just a few words . You did a fantastic job, author. Well done.👍👍👍👍


I Came here because of the other book THE MALE LEAD is Obsessed which is on FEATURED section, and NOW I Don't Know what to READ first, I'M HOnEstly AdDiCTed to BOTH! and I told you I'm gay but Now I think I LOVE YOu AUTHOR! Please write more chapters, I'll be able to finish these in no Time! IF You LOVe Your Readers LiKE Me, then Write MORE! Okay! that's All!


Reveal spoiler


I really love this author and I'm thirsty for more chapters. Your writing skills are topnotch which makes it easy to read and understand. I highly recommend this book.


Reveal spoiler


I am glad I stumbled upon this book. I love how each and everything is narrated in the book as well as the development of characters. The start itself is really intriguing. Great work author. 👍


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