169 The nightmare's return

Xinyi stared at the glistening ring in her finger that brightly shone under the dim night. She felt too stunned to speak anything. Zhiyuan intertwined his fingers against hers. 

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"Xinyi...I am sorry that I couldn't give you this ring earlier. You deserved this ring a lot before but I…"

His gaze dimmed in guilt and sadness. "I don't want you to wear the wedding band anymore. I know the situation in which we got married was...not ideal."

Xinyi softly bit her lip.

Zhiyuan cupped her face and her gaze lifted to meet his. "But with this ring, I want to tell you that that past is behind us. When I saw this ring today, I knew it was only meant for you. Please forgive me for all these years. Because of me, you couldn't even wear a proper wedding ring."

She hastily said, "Zhiyuan you-"

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