170 Rejection before confession

His face was marred in utter bewilderment as he saw her crying. "Xinyi, what happened?"

Zhiyuan anxiously tried to reach her, extending his hand to hold her face. But instead, Xinyi instinctively took a step back in horror. She was scared. She was afraid. That memory washed away every last bit of the joy and happiness that had warmed her heart into bliss.

Zhiyuan's hand froze in mid-air. 

Why...why is she crying? D-Did I do something wrong? But wasn't everything going fine…


She shut her eyes and covered her ears, not wanting to hear his voice.. Her soft sobs filled the air that was once filled with sounds of their passion.

Her reaction crushed his heart as if somebody tightly slapped him. 

"Xinyi p-please...stop crying," his heart was racing in fear. Even though he wanted to console her, he didn't know how, and he couldn't understand what caused her to cry in the first place. She wasn't letting him step near her either.

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