168 Their first date (2)

Zhiyuan frowned and pulled the plate back towards him. "Xinyi don't be stubborn. It isn't good for you to eat it if it's not cooked well."

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"I know what's good for me and what's not," she said as she pulled the plate back again. "I don't want to waste your cooking, especially when you have prepared it for the first time! So hand it back."

Just like that, they were playing push and pull with the poor plate stuck in between their game. Once Xinyi would pull the plate, then the next time, Zhiyuan would.

"Give it here!" Xinyi whined. "Why are you taking my plate away?"

"No way!" Zhiyuan protested heavily.

He gritted his teeth. The last thing he wanted was for her to fall sick because of him. The date was supposed to be romantic, not where she coughed in sickness because of his food. It would be the worst if she had to be admitted to a hospital.

"Xinyi. I won't let you eat it and that is final," his voice was stern and unyielding.

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