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I appreciate how detailed this story is, the emotions I felt when reading this story made me feel like I was a part of it Keep up the good work ;)


Very engaging stroy. It has every thing which a reader needs. I feel like I'm the part of the story. Author's description and Grammer is top notch. Thank you author for your hard work. I really really loved while reading it.


Fantastic story so excited for its continuation wonderful characters and world the fights are engaging the world is fantastic and you can tell the author put a ton of work and love into this story 10/10 will always read again. Make sure you don't miss out in this wild fantastic ride folks!


I ran across this story by accident and started reading not knowing what to expect. I must admit that this story is suprisingly good. I like the effort author puts into describing all the things, the heroes etc. Overall a great read


As expected of Shesmu, very impressive. Easily one of the best story in this website and it's not even an exaggeration. I have already read the first version and thoroughly enjoyed it. This rewrite makes the first version look like a child's scribble. The characters, the actions, the tragedy, the drama, everything is woven so perfectly. 5 stars do no give justice to this masterpiece.


This story is soo good! It has action, adventure, jokes, tragedy, everything! Plus the writing is great and the characters are awesome! Thank you great author!


Wow, I'm impressed by the amount of detail in the story. I have to say that I really like the story and the authors writing is definitely good and enjoyable so keep doing a good job👍


I have read all the 5 chapters posted so far. A game and then the main character is taken back 10 years. In the process his wife and daughter are gone. The story is interesting, I am awaiting more chapters. Hopefully, the reason as to why and how he gets to go back 10 years will be detailed in the coming chapters. The writing quality is good, the story is developing nicely, character design is good and the world background is well designed. All the best.


Well you writing skills are good and I liked what I wrote until now. So, we'll keep it up. I think you are doing preety good. I don't have any serious advise to give you as I didn't found any fault so keep going.


Though, it's too early to write a review, I will write one to be reviewed later. The writing quality is exctional. The characters are relatable and likeable. The storyline is developing nicely. The worldbuilding of gamelit/litrpg, despite not my forte, is done quite good. Personally, I think the chapters are extremely long. All in all, great read so far 👍


Reveal spoiler


Hoping the best for this story, original was amazing, and this starts us very great! I especially like how so many details are way more vivid that the original, with more characters feeling even closer than before. A good read overall


This novel is great. I liked the first version and I am so excited to see how this version will play out. The first chapter already shows how much work has gone into it with all the details and world building that has occurred. I am glad to read this novel once again.


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Why do I feel like it's gonna be like the others,a lot of girls will come along fall for then he probably will to, and he will either forget his wife or before he sees her he will already have a gf