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Update: (4/9/22) Chapter 91 is now released! Volume 2 chapters will now be released! Aries: Volume 1 is now complete as of March 28, 2022! *Disclaimer: Mature Audiences Recommended. 18+, Gore, Blood, Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Violence, Drug Reference, Use of Alcohol, and Dark and Suggestive Themes* Ryo Nakai is a 21-year-old ex-Yakuza shut-in who lives in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. He faces an identity crisis after nearly fatally injuring a student as a child, resulting in him running away from home and joining a gang to suppress his pain. Years later, he abandons the Yakuza and spends nine years living alone with a conflicted heart. After being forced to rejoin the Yakuza with his closest friend Sez Fuma, the gang pulls off a heist to steal a special artifact in a laboratory. When the plan goes haywire, Ryo finds himself trapped in a massive terraforming landscape known as Aries. Ryo later encounters April Springwell, a wealthy young prodigy. Joined by his compassionate sister Sumire, Ryo joins a police task force and is thrust into a new world; a world of mystery, compassion, and romance. Together, joined with a cast of diverse characters of Japanese and alien descent, Ryo and his friends must come together and solve a mysterious case that threatens their world. Ryo leaves behind a trail of guilt and misguidance based on the actions of his childhood and seeks redemption to correct the mistakes he once made.


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