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An Abstract Love


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Cami Xena's identity is like an abstract that only exist in thoughts and idea but there is no proof of existence to be found. After running away from her glamorous yet suffocating life, she created an abstract figure of herself to hide. She hides herself in reality and created her own world because for her that's the only way to escape her past. Living a life full of pretentious and lies is enoughed for her to be at peace not until she met Sivero Alcinous Castaldi the man who's willing to do everything just to take off her mask. But is he ready to accept what's behind on that mask? "Do you know why love is an abstract? It's because you can never gave a right nor wrong explanation about it. Because love exist without words, it always base on what you feel. Just like you Cami, I don't need more explanation about you. what matters to me is what I feel and what you feel " Alcinous Castaldi


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