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Alpha Academy BL


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MATURE CONTENT Henri is the only child of the Royal family of Reinhold and is the heir to the throne. He is born as an anomaly, a male Omega in a world where male and female statuses are rigid. Males are Alphas and Females are Omegas, there is no in-between. There were no preparations made for unheard-of cases like his so he was brought up like an Alpha. Henri was homeschooled for most of his early life as the Prince but now he is required to attend the most prestigious college in Reinhold. He doesn't act like an Omega but looks like one and when he is thrown into a school full of Alphas after being sheltered his whole life, college isn't just about academics anymore. DISCLAIMER: The cover is not mine, all credits to the owner. If you'd like me to take it down, just let me know.


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