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Alive bond


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(Because this is my first story it would make me really happy,not to mention it would be useful to test the popularity, if you were to add it to your collection if you enjoy it) Humans have always had the privilege of building and protecting their bonds themselves. Well,they haven't done a very good job so far. So when ancient darkness wants to destroy the human race God must do what he can to protect humanity. Even if it means taking that privilege away from humans...sort of and giving it to someone else. Angelica is the first bond to be made human. And she is being hunted down by the Shadows as food. She is young,inexperienced and alone with her two sources. What can she do? But everything changes when the younger Prince of Shadows dies. Now with the Shadows preoccupied with their Prince's reincarnation,will Angelica exploit this unique opportunity to prepare herself for the battle that could determine the future of human kind? Will she gain new allies along the way? And who in the end will be her real enemy? I will be posting this story on Royal Road


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