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ALINEA is a popular web novel written by the author schreient, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, REINCARNATION, FANTASY, STRONG FEMALE LEAD, GODS AND GODDESSES, SLICE OF LIFE, COMPLETED, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 4.6M readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 340 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 431 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


She was the Princess who had to die… Alinea, beloved Princess of Ritz, and celebrated heroine of the recently concluded Immortal War was betrayed and killed for political reasons. However, death did not come. She found herself waking up in modern-day Tokyo, in the body of a girl, named, Suzuki Ara, the most hated antagonist of all. He was the Prince who had to live… Homura Ryuu, heir of the most influential family in Japan was forced to be engaged to Ara since birth, due to a family curse. He could only marry and have children with the woman mentioned in the prophecy, else his bloodline would die out. Fated… The Prince and Princess from different worlds, where revenge, hatred, conspiracy and strive for power prevailed, found each other in the most unexpected turn of events. Was this a coincidence? Maybe not. For two souls destined for each other meet regardless of time and circumstance. It's called fate... PLEASE DO NOT SPAM THIS BOOK. I REQUEST FOR EVERYONE TO SHOW RESPECT & AVOID EXP REVIEWS. ============================= Ara elbowed Ryuu in the rib. "Darling, you are scaring the people away. Learn how to smile." "Darling, if I smile, they will totally forget why they exist," Ryuu countered smugly, so Ara had no choice but to sigh in defeat. There's no sense making sense with this stubborn husky anyway. Well, he kind of had a point anyway… Ara looked towards the nurse's station where nurses kept bumping into each other or hitting the tables and making things fall because they were busy giving Ryuu demure glances. "See? They get distracted like that with me not smiling – what more if I do?"Ryuu told her with amusement in his voice. Then again, mischief danced in his blue gaze and he finally sent one bright smile the nurses' way. CRASH! BANG! Ara watched as chaos ensued in the station and she quickly pulled the naughty husky to the side and gave him a glare. "What? Who told me to smile?" he asked her innocently. "I did okay? It's my fault," Ara told him as she dragged him away. ============= Join Alinea's discord: https://discord.gg/Vv7uPrN follow me on IG: @schreient_rui FRENCH VERSION AVAILABLE here. Alinea (Français) Like the story? gimme coffee :D https://ko-fi.com/schreient


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This novel is great, when you read it you can find yourself lost in the book's world and only become more immersed as you read on. The writing quality definitely deserve 5★ It is clear and able to deliver the meaning of terms needed and convey the emotion of every scene from the heartwarming interaction between the siblings to the funny conversation between the FL and ML. The stability of update are always punctual so I'll give 5★ Story development! *Slam 5★* if this doesn't deserve the stars then I don't know what would. The story are flowing smoothly, easy on your imagination, and there are no needless details (to me anyway) Character design 5★ personal vendetta against riajuu aside, the characters in the novel are clearly depicted and let you imagine them with ease. Don't fantasize them too much tho you might ran into a pole. World background deserve 5★ uwu. Be it the beautiful original world of Alinea, the realistic modern world of Ara, both have solid foundation on how they are and have a down to earth condition that will satisfy you.


If you like adventure, a touch of romance, a taste of a well-developed world, interesting characters including the side ones, clever writing and pacing, nearly sparkling grammar, and a fantastic story please consider reading this novel even just the first few chapters to see if you like it! I really enjoy it and think this is a very special novel. Starting from an adventure that feels like you’re listening to a DnD campaign and then we switch over to modern day Japan it’s so unexpected but so wonderfully executed. The story and lore are well crafted and the author does a great job using Japanese language to immerse yourself a little deeper than surface level into Japanese culture (but don’t worry they explain all the words if you’re scared of reading romanji!). The author knows how to pace and once you start reading it will be very hard to stop. The characters are really well developed starting with the FL she is strong, just, and charming. She is a character that you want to root for as a lead and you really feel that she will be able to accomplish her goals and tasks she sets out to do. The ML is little interesting as doesn’t act like a human so he’s a little clumsy but he develops quickly to really get to know and appreciate our FL. The side characters are charming and they develop well too - I honestly would be okay for some spin offs for most of them because they are so interesting! All in all if you read this far you may consider trying those first few chapters of Alinea. I hope I convinced you. :D


Best story in webnovel... I haven't read a story before when everything is on point... It started out as a transmigration story but it is much much deeper.. It was a bit confusing in the beginning but as we read everything becomes clearer.... It is a lovestory spanning many many centuries of two star crossed lovers and hopefully how they break the curse.. Every character in the story is well thought out and the way the story is presented is quite different from what you have seen in other stories.. The story was very refreshing and had a pecry Jackson vibe in some parts, and is a highly recommended read.. Well done dear author.. Im glad I started reading when almost everything is unraveled otherwise I would have died wating for chapters to come out.


An inreresting read with a unique plot. Characters are described well that you can imagine them vividly. The details written and daily updates show how much effort was given by the author. Keep it up


I hope that the playback could read the story as if it's really telling a story and not so robotic. I appreciate how the characters were described. It would be great though, if the itsy bitsy detail (like the color of their eye and the look and feel of their skin) of how they look were mentioned as well. 😊👌 All in all, there's something with the storyline that kept me read more...


Nevee thought that this novel would turn out to be soooooo good I swear that this is one of my favorite new novels😊😊😊 I got sad when I got to the recent updates huhu I can't get enough😭 Please author give us more updates 😊😊


new story line... i love the flow... interesting character there is no boring chapter. i just hope more chapter. please support the story please vote..


I was bored seeing all the stories in the web novel, I mean everything is like a repeat in each story, but author-san, your story is on a very different level. The first chapter already hooked me to know what will happen next. The characters, the plots even the background has its own charms. It was very fun and exciting to read every chapter in this story, I recommend it to the readers out there who likes a different taste of the second chance, revenge, face slap and magic genre. Trust me, this book is very good and money worthy, my first time ever to throw money in Web novel to read this book because it was too good. So thank you author-san for your amazing work.


Intriguing and very detailed writing. You get the feeling that you have to remember infos given as they're pieces of clues or puzzle left behind on purpose. Love the shifting between fantasy then reality with historical and traditional tidbits. Update more ❤


a great story with a great plot and characters. The daily chapters of this series are something I look forward to everyday thank, you author


Kudos for the effort. Story so far is interesting and educational in terms of the Japanese culture. The plot progresses smoothly and thank god not dragging as the initial villain's been exposed almost right from the beginning. I like the breaks between the chapters. The side stories are so funny


I wish I could time travel to the future, like a year or two so I could read the complete story, then back to the present after 😝. I almost went mad when I found out that there's no more chapters. THANK YOU AUTHOR! Love this work of yours 😘 😘 😘


Storyline very unique....I liked it. After reading chapter by chapter this story, I very exciting and addicted to reading more and more chaoter to continuing story. Thanks so much author....I am very very liked it this story😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍


I've been reading and rereading this novel from the beginning and it seems i cant get enough of it, its been a while since i last read a pocket cause i really dont have time to read them anymore, but eversince i started reading this web novel, i cant seem to stop because the more i read it the more excited i get and cant wait for next chapter to be release, . Good job ... now im hook again. Thank you


La sipnosis captó mi atencion. Espero que la novela se desarrolle bien y que la trama no deje de ser interesante. The synopsis caught my attention. I hope that the novel develops well and that the plot does not stop being interesting.


Wish there was a second story for this one I love it I would continue to read it. Like to know what happen after the last chapter. I would definitely read it again


I just started reading this book and it a very interesting story because I have never read anything that have to do with fate and having to be together even if the did not one too


i m in love with this novel, this one of the best novel i have come across so far, i have read this novel again and again while waiting for the update, guyzx believe me tht u won’t regret reading this novel...


The story is good and gets u to be caught in the story without realising the only prob is the ss needed to read the story my heart is bleeding other wise a nice story if u want a good fantasy romance book to read than I strongly recommend it


Great story so far.... ❤️ keeps you on tenderhooks.... Addictive..... Love the lead characters and eagerly waiting to see how their relationship progresses.... Waiting for the steamy chapters😝 ( if there will be any which i hope there will be😍) keep up the good work ❤️❤️


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