After Being A Marriage Stand-in, I Disguised As An Ugly Woman Book

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After Being A Marriage Stand-in, I Disguised As An Ugly Woman

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The Xia family had two daughters. One was Xia Rou, known as Jiang City’s number one beauty, and the other was Xia Yan, notorious and disfigured. Beautiful Xia Rou got engaged to the Mo family’s young master, but rumor had it that Young Master Mo was a cripple. Xia Rou refused to wed him. Hence, her notorious sister, Xia Yan, was forced to marry into the Mo family in her place. Young Master Mo was furious. “You’re not Xia Rou! How dare the Xia family cheat in this marriage!” Covering her face with a mask, Xia Yan said, “Young Master Mo isn’t crippled as the rumors claim. He’s even healthy, tall, and handsome. Xia Rou will surely regret if she finds out.” After their marriage, Young Master Mo’s friends gathered round. “Our sister-in-law must be gorgeous. You’re a lucky man!” When Young Master Mo thought of the woman who had to wear a mask even in her sleep to hide her ugliness, he flared up in anger. “Scram! Whoever brings up that woman again will have to marry her instead!” Then, Young Master Mo was radiating happiness. His friends gathered round once more. “Just what does our sister-in-law look like? Do you have to be so mysterious about it?” He flashed them a mischievous grin. “Scram! My dearest wife is the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. You average folks aren’t worthy of gazing at her beauty, do you understand?” Everyone was dumbstruck. Has Young Master Mo lost his mind because his wife was too ugly? Back at home, Xia Yan was packing her bags. “Mo He, I’m divorcing you. You bully, humiliate, and dislike me!” Young Master Mo quickly hugged his wife. “My dearest wife, I’ll only dote on and love you. I can even give you my life!” Later on, Xia Yan realized that destiny wouldn’t appear out of nowhere. It had been fate all along.


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