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Marley made sure to avoid the man's gaze as she spoke. "Why are you back so soon? Shouldn't you be planning your wedding or something?" "I'll leave that to my mother." The god closed the gap between him and Marley completely, he stood so close that his warm breath was hitting her forehead. "She'll start wedding preparations after I've properly proposed and presented the ring." Apollo spoke as he tucked a lock of hair behind Marley's ear. Marley felt her chest tighten. He was going to take her ring idea and propose to Marpessa? And why was he telling her about it? Couldn't he see that he was hurting her? "Oh" was all Marley could say. "I was thinking of doing it now, the sooner the better. Besides, I don't want to have to wait any longer to spend the rest of my life with this woman," Apollo spoke with a sly smile. He was very well aware that Marley had no idea that he was talking about her, given her sullen and sad expression. "Do what you want." Marley responded. She turned her face away from Apollo, trying hard to hold back her tears. She was about to walk away from him when she noticed his form descending to the ground. The brunette turned towards Apollo and saw him on the marble floor, down on one knee with a white tulip flower in hand. On the stalk of the tulip, was a gold ring incrusted with diamonds. "Marley, my little flower, I have never felt for any woman what I feel for you, and I am sure I never will. For you, I would defy all odds, break all rules and undergo all trials..." Marley covered her mouth with her hands as tears rolled down her cheeks. "It would make me the happiest man if you became my wife." Apollo removed the ring from the flower and presented it to the girl. "Would you make this creepy old man happy and marry him?" ———————————————————- In an age where love between humans and gods is strictly forbidden, the Greek god Apollo's immortal heart is captured by a beautiful human woman. Will their affair bring the two realms together, or will it lead to a raging war. Go on a thrilling romantic adventure with the Greek gods in a tale of passion, forbidden love, betrayal and grief.


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