The Black OutThe Black Out

The Black Out

by Froschmo

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The rains was pouring continuously in seven days. The white fog was enveloping every inches of the world. Zhiqiang thought he was just taking a sleep. But why did his room was in ruins once he wake up? What the hell had happened to the world? What this was about mutation again? There was no way he was an omega!! !Warning! BL story, BL story, BL story, BL story, BL story, BL story, BL story, BL story, BL story, BL story. a/n : not so much a science fiction but more about fantasy novel. For you who knew about ABO story, then I let you know now, there will be Alpha, Beta, Omega tastes later in this story! disclaimer : a lot of kiss for silentscarlettt for the cover! Please check out my other novel : https://www.webnovel.com/book/11358036105349105/Demon-King-Is-So-Adorable

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