[BL] QT: Don't fall in love with the Male Lead
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[BL] QT: Don't fall in love with the Male Lead


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What is [BL] QT: Don't fall in love with the Male Lead

[BL] QT: Don't fall in love with the Male Lead is a popular web novel written by the author ThirtyTyrants, covering BL, YAOI, SMUT, R18, SYSTEM, COMEDY, FANTASY, QUICKTRANSMIGRATION, HISTORICAL, ACTOR, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 826.4K readers with an average rating of 4.76/5 and 15 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 128 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[BL - Quick Transmigration] Xi Zirui is an intern with a boring office job. He wouldn't mind more excitement in his life. He gets his wish when he walks by a storefront announcing just that: an end to his boredom. It comes in the form of the worldhopping machine: Transmigrator 4000 Xi Zirui then finds himself living the life of a famous actor, and staring in the most anticipated BL drama of all times. There's only a problem, as his System likes to remind him: He needs to keep his reputation as an actor up. He can't fall in love with the Male Lead, the infuriating and attractive Han Yu. --- [Han Yu groans and bumps his head against the sofa. "Didi is so hard to please." Xi Zirui snorts. "You should stop trying, then." Han Yu turns on his side to face Xi Zirui and smirks. "What would be the fun in that?"] --- 1v1 in every world, but with a twist. Cunning and seductive MC Shameless and doting ML

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Hello, Author here, thank you for stopping by! You can expect a very smart and cunning MC, who nevertheless sometimes fails to think ahead or is clouded by his own assumptions. Consequences are often unpleasant. A ML with bad boy vibes but a soft marshmallowy center that he'll only show to MC. His relationship with MC starts out a little different in every world, but they always come together in explosive ways 😏 Entertaining side characters who make recurring appearances and have their own agendas and lives independently from the protagonists. Fleshed out villains/ antagonists who walk their talk. A system who is more than meets the eye. A shopkeeper who holds everyone's fate in the palm of her hand


I'm a sucker for the dynamic between the MC and the ML (ง ื▿ ื)ว Zirui is so cool, I want to be like him when I grow up, that's all. Thanks for writing this ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


This Novel has a really one of a kind MC, nor the ML, the ML is pretty outgoing type of person, to me this story is great even though there's only couple of chap I think this novel deserve more. The plot is nice, almost little grammer mistakes, The flow of the story line is not to messy either.This novel is full of fluff and thank you for the creating this novel author 💞


l am so in love with your story and happy to have found it. I find some scene hilarious to read and I like how the MC doesn't always listen to Ni Ni. And I am happy when I see you updated a new chapter and hope other people giving this story a chance. I love love love what your doing.❤️❤️❤️


I'm super happy to have found this story when it still had 5 or less chapters and to be able to see it growing so much. It's a great story, with characters that grow little by little, without prey and very well developed. The method used to start the QT was great, as well as the AI ​​with the MC which is not irritating and help needs to be helped. I hope for the successes of this story! Thanks autor for all your work!


A very likeable main character, I catch myself saying or thinking the same lines before the mc does😂 while also being shocked at some of his actions, showing that the mc isn't typical, bland and completely submissive. Usually, stories with this theme annoy me to hell (due to mc) that I just stop reading but this does the opposite - I'm reading for the mc.


I love the direction of this story, like please take my money. to the characters, the concept, every adventure feels so new and fresh. it's not one of those stories were you can just predict the beginning, middle and end of the story. author you've done well 👏🏿


Just start to read. so far is good. the MC is funny. the curious thing is that his search for fun is now the reader's fun because he is not amused to be in there.


This story really took me by surprise. I bow down to the author-sama (especially in terms of character development 😱), you are amazing (and infuriating) and I love you QAQ I thought I would be here for the sweetness alone, the author-sama kept me here even as I had to glue back the pieces of my heart at times 😌 Read it! Thank gosh this was in Daily Recommendations or I might’ve never found it ❤️


This is one of my favourite books. I always get surprised by how witty the main character can be to get out of trouble, but at the same time he'll get into trouble by being petty 😄 my heart aches everytime an arch ends. The amount of love there us for the ML, and their whole situation... it's the best rorellcoaster to read


Hi, honestly i just started this novel today and im so inlove!!!! I love the characters! the plot! how everything gets so steamy even tho its just been the firt few chapters but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh i reeaally am loving ittt


Reveal spoiler


I really love this story. Seriously I really enjoyed reading it and I can't wait for more updates. This review isn't very detailed, just me saying that it was a very enjoyable read so far. I do think that the author should try to make their villains less cartoonish. If Bai whatever is gonna keep repeating then you should sprinkle some depth into her character. Her motivation can't just be "because I like power", there has to be something more to her character.


The writing is great, the characters are well developed and all i wanna do right niw is give the author a gift and support her somehow. Love you lots author for making this book! ! <3


Here a shocked reader, how is it that no one has commented on this wonder 😑😤? -This is only the beginning but I already have a big crush on this book🤩 ! 📖 REWIEW WITHOUT SPEAKING A LOT - I really like your writing style, your intrigues but especially this system with the "Transmigrator 4000". The characters are interesting! I can't wait for the author-san sequel 💕✔, your book is a real time bomb.


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