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Adventures in a parallelworld after reincarnating as a unique species!

Aki, a 20 year old third year medical student, also a tomboy, tired of her stressful life in an all girls college, longs to be reborn as a man. She wishes to possess the freedom to live a life of adventure without responsibilities weighing her down and without any care for the world and what they think... ...one night, her wish is heard. Aki wakes up as Akira, a beastman Prince in the fantasmical world of ‘Avalasia’...and it is here that her adventures begin... “I can’t believe this! I’ve actually been reborn into the body of a man!!” “Status window? You mean like in the games I used to play?....wait! Aren’t these stats too OP?” “....eh? Unique species?!” //Warning: this book is currently under editing. Nothing too big plot wise, mostly changes in view points and perspectives...I will continue with the plot once I’m done. Completely edited chapters will be marked with a star, and this warning will be removed once It’s over. Until then I advise you to read at your own discretion. Apology for the inconvenience but I hope u will continue to support this novel!//

Ange426 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Yang Nation

Vivian lived her whole life protecting her tribe from vampires, but she knew that even though she was able to fight neck and neck with Brown Vampires, she would never be able to stand her ground against higher class vampires from the lands of the Yins and Yangs. One fated day, vampires attacked her village in search of Hunter. This woman would never have imagined setting foot on the land full of creatures who have wronged her species until the wicked vampires kidnapped someone who was important to her. With no one else to call family, she sets off a journey to save Hunter from the hands of the group of vampires who call themselves, Scar. (BTW Guys please donate power stones at the other, edited version of this book in my profile. I’ll highly appreciate it ?)

Velcr · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings