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Aimless Travels In Multiverse

THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN UNDER QUESTIONABLE CIRCUMSTANCES SO IT'S GOING TO BE BAD. MC with questionable sanity running around Multiverse trying to find something interesting to do. [This novel is mostly on MC's POV also English is not my first language] [Cover photo is not mine]

TurkishJesus · Anime & Comics


A 16 year old otaku who was a crazed fan of the Nasuverse was put in a situation of one of the thing listed in all otaku’s wet dreams. The Hero Summoning. Let's follow his growth when he brought something in another world that will become the worst nightmare of all. Author's Note : I don't own Type-Moon or any of it's works and also I don't own the picture if the owner wants it to be removed I'll gladly do it :3 The Awesome and mischievous yet not so lovable Author's Four Great Maxim(Current): 1.) I'll try to make the character and world building slow yet solid for a more balanced progressive time but will have enough gap and chapter size that will not have the readers feel bored or leave a bad after taste afterwards.(There would be sudden spikes of the author's crazyness but they will be only in short intervals) 2.) I'll make the characters suffer a bit but will leave some holes in their trials and problems they can dig in to without making them become more arrogant and being idiotic and have some deux ex machina prepared somewhere but I won't say it let the readers discover them NYAHAHA~!! 3.) As much as the request for romance and such I won't get to length much about it if it's harem or a perfect couple going on but I'll say this I will try to occupy the reader's taste but still remember the end result may not be much of what you like because your not the only reader the poor and lonely author is gonna try to feed and the builder of the ships is only one man and you guys were the once that will try to steer them anyway~. 4.) Lastly and more important the mischievous yet not so lovable author needs some breather also and will not be shackled and enslaved by the hungry readers Nyahahaha~!! *Cough* I need to still live in real life as much as I want to write I need to continue my own story you know :3 and I still need enough amount of sleep cause I'm a grower ^w^

Sleeping_Moon · others

Desolate Domain Across Endless Worlds

Waking up Axel found himself in the void of nothingness where countless worlds exist, And so Axel started his journey traveling world by world strengthening and improving himself as he started building an empire stretching across countless worlds... (I Know the name is a bit long but every time i try something its already used --*) (The worlds he will go to are still not chosen, but i do have some in mind, you can still recommend some to me and i will choose from them) (Harem, No bullshit system/ROB)

Houssem · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings


Follows Regret, a former counter-guardian disinterested in helping mankind, who does whatever seems interesting as they attempt to escape an old friend from the counter force. Actual Synopsis: Regret, a genderless, former member of a group of Counter Guardians, decided that humanity isn’t worth saving, and used their Noble Phantasm: KRMA, an armament that is every weapon and no weapon, every material, while at the same time not existing, to sever their pact with Infinity. Now, due to their modified soul, Regret is thrown again and again throughout all realities, all multiverses, incarnating into the bodies of their counterparts. Now, reborn into a world of cultivation, a world archetype Regret hates more than anything else, they must face an old friend if they wish to continue their pointless escapade. Tags: Fate Type-Moon Fantasy Mythology OverPowered Protagonist Humanity Hating Protagonist Ageless Protagonist Genderless Protagonist Handsome Protagonist Beautiful Protagonist Anime-hating Protagonist Card Games Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonist hating Protagonist (Protagonist hates Protagonists in general) Isekai-hating Protagonist OCD Protagonist Murder-Death-Kill Eye-Powers God-Slaying Immortal-Slaying Immortal Protagonist Trope-Hating Protagonist Romance-Hating Protagonist

RegretSin · others
Not enough ratings

FATE : Pretenders [Fate franchise : Self(?)Inserts]

Updates: 2-3 per week. English: Readable. Disclaimer: I don't own the franchise and Cover itself and my updates are unstable, perhaps 2-4 chaps a week. Purpose: Entertainment & feedbacks regarding my writing in order to bolster my skills. Through unknown reasons, people from our world were blissfully displaced in an Anime-esque world with the looming threats like the likes of Supernaturals and the Organisations behind them... and to themselves. now trapped in the TYPE-MOON Franchise, watch them adapt and face each other along with the events itself as they wreck the canonical timeline. All the while subtlety suffering under the side-effects as a Demi-Servant.

Demiurge_Ohara · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Legacies: The Alex Brunestud Monogatari

A depressed young man from our world ends up being transported to an abandoned train station where he meets a dismembered blonde girl on the floor of the station. He looked at the girl's red eyes and recognized her as an anime character he met, at that moment he decided. Author: The cover is not mine

Alecs_morgan · TV
Not enough ratings