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Trix System Unlocked: Butterfly Effect

"I'm finally free!" Kiera, who was a Modern Rapunzel, finally became independent and out of her comfort zone! However, the day before her housewarming party as a celebration of her freedom, she got into an accident... or was it? "Is fate playing tricks on me? I don't mind dying but can't I at least die after I experience my first own party instead of my funeral?!" Seeing her lifeless body surrounded by her blood, she can't help but feel remorse. Feeling helpless, she followed the light shined next to her thinking it was the way to the underworld. ...she was wrong. "I think I got the wrong turn..." "Welcome players to the Enchantrix game!" _______ [Update: 4 to 6 chapter a week] [Leafy gives, upspree every ending of each arc] [Cover Designed by: Angela "Alegny" Alcaraz] _______ Join us in discord for announcements and others: https://discord.gg/QPJ6xcG ~Credits to the respective owner of the picture used at Book Cover ~Original story of mine but the Book Cover isn't ~All Rights Reserved

_KircheLeaf_ ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings