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My Dangerous STALKER

My Dangerous STALKER

Laira looked forward to a new beginning after her tragic accident, loosing everyone she loved. She lived with her uncle, trying to forget her past. But something her father left incomplete, now becomes a threat to her peaceful life. She wished for a peaceful life so badly. But her wish did not turn out exactly the way she wanted it to be. Her life took a new turn when she became the target of a terrifying stalker, a mysteriously handsome man who is never going to let her go. Knowing his reputation is not going to make things easy for laira. As mysteries unfold about her life, she must suffer lose, betrayal and despair. But, when the stalker comes to her with a deal, she won't be able to refuse. Torn between trying to save her father's dream company and her life, she finds herself facing danger in the form of nine strangers, and families turn enemies. The stalker and his deal is her only hope. Either she must accept willingly or face the consequences.

Orayen_jin · Romance
Not enough ratings