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The Seven Continents of gods

The Seven Continents of gods

Many years ago, a group called "The Seven Continents of gods" appear and became famous in the underground Society and different places in the Philippines. They became well-known because they kill many criminals, corrupt politicians, drug lords and many more for money. Their identities are well hidden too that's why no one knows them. But time comes where they just vanished in a thin air, no one found any information of their whereabouts and people got curious of why they just simply disappeared until some people forget them except the seven person who has something to do with them. A nerdy boy who looks innocent will enter in a mysterious section with his friends. The section which everyone adores and fond to join but only some and chosen one can enter. Because of this situation, he and his friends will meet another six guys and one girl. It was peaceful first not until the name of the group who vanished strikes again because of another crime that was held in the underground society where the emperor got killed and the culprit call himself Hades, the leader of the seven continents of gods. What will be their connection to this group? Who is these seven different people known as The seven continents of gods? Who is these seven other people who can't forgot this other group? Can love may exist between them? Will they meet?

kristankrian · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings