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From Mortal to Divinity

From Mortal to Divinity

Dying and meeting a ROB was interesting. However like Dumbledore said, "After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." And for me that was literally the truth. CYOA, SI, Jumpchain If you guys see the same fic on FF.net, spacebattles, sufficient velocity and wattpad, then it's not stolen, it's me. Picture does not belong to me. You can reach me on my discord: https://discord.gg/QMSCfBS

Servant_Ambrosius · Anime & Comics
Reborn In the Anime World

Reborn In the Anime World

Kanjiro was an orphan, by a stroke of luck he was pick up by 4 martial art master. He was brought back to live in the forest and taught different martial arts. After his master passed away he decided it's time to live in the city. Alas, he was dumb enough to step on railways and was hit by Shinkansen- San. On the honor of a martial artist, god gave him a chance to reincarnate and 5 wishes. Well, reading the synopsis won’t tell you how Kanjiro starts his journey. How about we go through the story instead? ?

SonOfDragon · Anime & Comics
Advent of the Corrupted Throne

Advent of the Corrupted Throne

He refused to believe that Gods and Demons exist, but that was changed when the Apocalypse befell. He refused to wield his spear, but tragedy dragged his feet into the battlefield. He refused to live and chose to rest eternally, but fate decreed him to live a new life. This is the tale of The Corrupted Emperor. ----------------------------------------------- [First time writting] [English is not my primary language, apologize if the grammar fluctuate sometimes] [This is a medium-paced fanfiction, please be patient and do not complain if the plot progressed slowly sometimes] [[Uploaded at Scribble Hub too] Disclaimer: This a work of fanfiction that drawn heavily upon the source material of Highschool DxD. I claim no ownership of pre-existing character and content.

JadeFurnace · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings