Absolute Great Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher

Longing Washes Red Beans

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What is Absolute Great Teacher

Absolute Great Teacher is a popular web novel written by the author Longing Washes Red Beans, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.05/5 and 279 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 416 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Sun Mo, the top teacher of No. 2 High School was transported to Tang Country of Central Province after falling into the water and became an intern teacher which just graduated. He actually has a fair and rich fiancee who is actually also the headmaster of a famous school. However, the reputation of this school has declined and the school was soon to be removed from the education list and abolished... Sun Mo's mission is to help his fiancee to sit on the headmaster's chair securely and make the school return the rankings of the nine greats (the top nine schools.) After he obtained the Absolute Great Teacher System, he could mold trash into gold, helping lousy students to become geniuses. Under Sun Mo's guidance, his disciples who used to be bad in school, could rule supreme in terms of their education in a year, become a 'study-emperor' in three years, and an academic god in five years. They would soon become big BOSSes in studying! You dare to say that I, as a great teacher, depends on false reputation? The Sword Hero, Spear Saint, Saber Devil, Holy Maiden, Peerless Country Leader, Devil Emperor, Two Saints, Three Paragons...all of them were taught by me! Are you scared or not? The thing I like most is to transform a bronze-grade salted fish into a king-grade BOSS. Sun Mo stated!

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I'm a great fan of teacher+system novel, I've read 1000 chapter of Library of Heavens Path. I got to say I'm impress with myself (don't ask if I still read that long novel)


The basic premise of the novel follows the ascension of a transmigrator in the body of a bullied and belittled teaching intern in a cultivation world. Our MC is a former teaching head who transmigrates into this new world after an accident. His identity is that of a below average teaching assistant who is currently caught in the crossfire of a faction war in the school he's interning in, his fiancee is the headmaster and this puts him in a difficult position from the get go. He'll have to use his system and his wits to increase his reputation and save the school that he works for. Here are a few of my insights and impressions from the 60 chapters I read: - This novel has copious amounts of mob/petty antagonists and face slapping. - The face slapping is more verbal and quick witted than the usual, "I'll kill you and your nine generations", you can see in other Cultivation novels - Romance and character building are set aside for comedy - Certain parts of the translation are confusing and do not flow smoothly - The comedy elicits a sniff rather than actual laughter - Unlike LoHP, the majority of the setting of the novel will probably take place in the current school - The system is not very well explained but it isn't a hindrance - A lot of the world building leaves a lot to be desired - Possibility of the MC using fictional works from our world to make money - Possibility of a harem (2 characters that stick out to me atm, don't take my word for it though, there's no mention of polyamory being an accepted practice) My review score turns out to be a 3.8 but if I were to convert it to the inflated score you normally see from a novel on this site then it would probably end up with a 4.2 or 4.3. Recommended for those who enjoy: - Faceslapping - An easy read to pass the time - A bit of comedy - A teacher-student relationship novel


Fuck😡I found the way to get in trial read finally. ..............................................................................................


Webnovel just stop trail read......**** trash novel get priority while good novel are removed...Some novel get good reviews and more views than other but they were not selected.....Idk how webnovel make selection......


Honestly I don’t like the Mc. I don’t like the characters and just straight up I am put off by this story. I didn’t like library of heaven’s path and don’t like this. It’s generic and the personality of the Mc is not suited to this at all, I hate that this is picked by the trial read when this is one of the trashiest novels here. I don’t recommend this but since it’s chosen anyway give it a shot, You might like it but I most significantly don’t.


Guys this is absolutely bull****!!!!!!!!!!!! My senior brother is too steady will disappear 😭 what a waste.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Basically,'History's Number One Founder' theme😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


Literally a re-hash of Library of Heavens Path. It's also a super generic novel with an MC that's considered trash and whatever and later on, he gets cheat grade students and face slaps a bunch of people.


Dropped. I think this might be the first trial read novel I've dropped before even reaching the paid chapters. I'm sorry, but I seriously could not continue anymore. This is fairly similar to Library of the Heavens, which I kind of enjoyed initially but dropped after some several hundred chapters and could never get back into because frankly it was a pretty trashy novel. But to each their own, and I could understand why people liked it since the face slapping was kinda entertaining while it lasted (I dropped because it got pretty repetitive and it honestly felt like he went out of his way to make people misunderstand him). That being said, maybe I've gotten too old for that kind of writing now. Honestly reading this, it was really freaking cringey and felt pretty unrealistic. The MC has an unreal amount of arrogance and confidence in his ability that I'm not sure where it comes from (the system? his ability to see potential?). I couldn't understand why he took actions that, to me, felt pretty disadvantageous to him and I felt like there was a better way of doing these, but he seemed to prioritize short term satisfaction. In addition, I've never really liked a relationship that I consider unequal (in other words, one partner is considered lesser than the other by others - so the extraordinarily beautiful and talented one and then the untalented frog that lusts after swan meat one). From what I read so far, neither the MC nor his fiancee appealed to me at all and honestly I disliked both of them. With both the main character and the supposed female lead being like that, I really couldn't continue reading. I honestly wish this wasn't chosen. The Secret Agent (despicable and perverted MC but surprisingly very entertaining) or the Senior Brother novel (cautious MC that's quite different from the usual chinese novel MC) were both so much better. I hope either one of these will get chosen later at least, since they haven't disappeared from the trial read yet.


Eh. Sorcerer's Journey - dropped. This week World's Best Martial Artist - dropped. These were my two main novels and they were pretty solid compared to other ****. A lot of good trial novels - never picked up. They pick up trash like this. This novel is crap and you already have better upgrades of it like Library. F***


Sons of bitches. Fucking webnovel cunts. Just delete trial read if u want to release the books u want and wont follow the results. There are 3 books which has better results than this. But fucking cunts wont follow the result and just release what they want.


Chinese name: 绝代名师 (Peerless master) User rating in China: 8.4 Status: Ongoing (1219 chapters) Not my cup of tea, I guess it's worth reading is you like LoHP


what i am gonna say is that the novel is pretty stupid about giving the mc a golden finger cultivation technique. Like why the FUCK IS THERE A DIVINE WOODEN SWORD IN A LOW-CLASS SHITTY SCHOOL STORAGE.


This like everyone else said is a mixture of two of my favorite novels of all time in Library of heavens path and History's number one founder and its just as good as them in my opinion the only reason why it doesn't get 5/5 for me is the translator who is good but makes some big mistakes here and their its not as bad as hn1f but they're pretty confusing sometimes


Right so I hate this novel. I don't know how it got picked here or how it was chosen but I hated reading this. You see I have an instinct in reading, when it' a good one i won't notice the hours go by and am usually absorbed in reading but when i read this it was like a chore. Some novels that are stretched too long usually gives me that feeling but this damn novel gave me that feeling and iv'e only read 40 chapters of this s#it. I have some controversial opinions like not liking the books made by IET, i mean they're refreshing the first maybe hundred chapters but by the 800's is goddamn exhausting to read and this piece of S#it gave that feeling just after 40 F#cking chapters! In F#cking conclusion i hope this novel burns in hell and i don't recommend this S#it at all! Thank you for reading my S#it review of my goddamn honest opinion. See ya.


how the **** was this picked over other great novels either webnovel is just being it usual self or you guys have bad taste ..............................................kikkkkkkkokkokkkokkokokokokiokokokk


Trash story I don't like the story after Ch 56 Trash story I don't like the story after Ch 56 Trash story I don't like the story after Ch 56 Trash story I don't like the story after Ch 56 Trash story I don't like the story after Ch 56


It sucks so far.


- World background is the same as every other novel out there. - MC is blind and acts without having any substance to back his actions ( ex: if some one cuts you on the road with a car twice your cars size [like a truck], do you try to hit the truck just to satisfy petty emotions?) <- Well the MC would! - The author forces a lot of the interactions the MC has with the outside world (For example a side character will do something just so the MC can react to it in a certain way [aka brainless side characters]). MC and world building are unoriginal and just horrendous in general. I gave 5 star to uploading speed since I don't know what the speed actually is :) - While not a lot the translator also messes up names once or twice.


I was actually enjoying it some what before I saw him stay in the trash school just because of a ‘fiancé’ that left him to drown in the logistics department by himself. Like *****, call that marriage off at the very least! He acknowledged that he didn’t have any feelings towards that school in the previous chapter but then changed his mind when he saw the ‘aura’ of the Fiancé. The aura of a bumbass, stinky ass 3-star teacher working in a sinking ship. Glory my ass. Leave that *****! Her dumb ass knew he was facing trouble but didn’t do anything and then she had the audacity to try to keep him in the school. She didn’t even know that he was good at all! She just didn’t want to give him away! She hadn’t seen him in years and was surprised on how he looked. I’m starting to dislike beautiful women in these types of novels. Like there was no good reason in why he stayed. ‘I want to prove to everyone that I’m not someone who needs a woman’. Like *****, go to another school and dominate that **** and show that you were under pressure or something and that’s why you couldn’t be a grand teacher. Like **** that school. Fuck the Fiancé. And Fuck the grandpa that was the headmaster Of that school. Fuck! Fuck them all! Dumbass female! Fuck! I’m sexist now! LOOK WHAT YOU TURNED ME INTO!


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