Unfettered Spear Book

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Unfettered Spear


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[Ratata~] Being showered with bullets from all directions, I certainly don't feel so good. Especially, feeling the bullets passing through my body, which is simply torture. After God knows how long, the gunfire finally stopped. I had my head down, contemplating that this was the end. However, it was at this time that I heard someone jumping off the car in front. I looked up and saw that it was the "Boss." "I should've done this much sooner, you really done a number on my men despite being alone!" "I must admit that you are good, but too good that you're a threat to MY throne!!" "I–" Alas, the Boss' monologue was cut halfway through. When he held his head high, an action to signify his pride, a bullet pierced through his under chin into his brain and out the back of his head. He looked at me in disbelief, like the others around. None of them anticipated that I could still fire my pistol, much less accurately aiming at one's head at the hip level, after being turned into a bloody meat-sieve. "You... Monster!!!" To the Boss' dying words, I only replied with a smile as my strength left my body.


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