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My name is Alexander, im not the smartest or coolest person but hear me out, I've recently discovered that I have superpowers, well not quite superpowers but Qi oh also that there exists a secret society in which factions and clans exist. The people of the Murim call themselves "martial artists" they fight and kill one another each clan/faction wanting dominance. Hi, guys im a first-time story writer. I don't have any prior experience writing stories so forgive my poor grammar and lack of proper storytelling form. Id love some suggestions of where I should take this story but as of right now im deciding to take it more toward "the breaker/new wave" if you don't know what the breaker is, go look it up and if you do know, help me make a story even half as good as that plz. Chapter length will be between 2,000-2,500 words Also, I do not own the cover art, if the artist wants me to take it down I will. Please leave a comments.

NamelessGodking · Martial Arts
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