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Altora: The Chronicles of the Ren-Ky Warriors

Altora: The Chronicles of the Ren-Ky Warriors

Book 1 From the death of his mother and his village. To the path of friendship. Travel with Lovell as he journey's across the world of Altora, as he searches for what is his place within Altora's conflicted world. Join Lovell with others as they try to save their world from the Faremin forces, that are led by Lord Damora himself. Find a story of forbidden love, ancient conflict and a world fill with the wounds of time. Book 2 As time moves, so shall the world. Follow Hunter as he finds his path to who he truly is and where he fits within the war-torn planet of Altora. Book 3 After the devastating fall of their comrade, Lance, Scarlet, Hunter, and Luna take their own paths as they do what they can to as the world seems to crash over them. And with a new looming shadow rising, will this be the end or a new beginning as a cloaked man, dubbed Black Wolf. Who is this mysterious man, and what are his goals? Book 4 While the death of Lovell still lingers in deep in the heart of the Ren-Ky. Fang, Zero, Gale and Zephyr journey to find themselves as they have lost their way. With Black Wolf watching and growing as no one knows who he is or his motives?

AridasWolf ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings