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Seeing You (Taglish)

This is a story of a girl with different eyes from others. She can see right through almost everything. Madaming nakikita ang kanyang mga mata na hindi maipaliwanag ng mga nakikita ng ating simpleng mata. She’s studying in her school as the president of the student council, then one day, met a guy na nag-aaral naman sa karibal nilang eskwelahan na katabi lang ng paaralan nila. Did I already mention that her eyes has a peculiarity? Pero bakit ang labo ng mukha lamang ng nag-iisang lalaking ito?

Elyaniru · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

My Idol Crush Is An Angel

A Common girl ' Rin ' who only had a single crush all her life gets a chance to meet her crush I.e Jin . Their first encounter will change her life. Will she be able handle this change alone. Even if it means going against angels and demons. Hardships like none before but she isn't alone as her crush will be there to protect her. While her only thoughts will be " Why is he always there when I need him " , " why does he keep on helping me " and " what do I mean to him ". Whereas Jin has only one goal " To keep her safe, even if it costs me my life ".

ScaterSenbonzakura · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings